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Facebook Quiz Contests: Get New Fans and Engage Your Existing Ones

This Facebook custom app means serious business, it has a Like-Gate to generate new Page Likes, a Quiz to engage your Fans, and a Referral Bonus system that enables the participants to promote the contest for you.

Here is how it works (Includes video tutorial).

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Lecturer: Jakub Nešetřil, Founder & CEO, Apiary
Place: lecture room T9:105

1. Why do small startups often beat incumbents with huge resources?
2. Why is failure an inherent part of startup ecosystem?
3. How does venture capital work and why are many startups not profitable?
4. When and how did we build GoodData, when and how did we build Apiary? And how do they differ?
5. What are APIs and why are they perhaps the most important market of today?

Short bio:
„After working in web industry for 15 years as a developer, team leader, director and product manager, I now live the dream of 90-hour work-weeks as a founder of my own web startup.”
Jakub is co-founder & CEO of Apiary, helping developers make API design and documentation enjoyable. Prior to Apiary Jakub has led 10years of experience leading API products and engineering teams in companies like GoodData and APN. #1 employee in GoodData, Director of Engineering for 3years, leading the Prague GoodData team.

About Apiary:
Apiary Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco with engineering operations in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded by Jakub Nesetril and Jan Moravec, and opened a public beta of its innovative API design platform at end of 2012. To date Apiary has gathered over 35,000 APIs, making it the largest collection of APIs worldwide. Among it's early customers are developer portals of Akamai or GoodData.

This public presentation is part of the course "Strategy in the ICT industry on case studies" which aims to give students an overview of the most important success factors in ICT business, based on real experiences of successful ICT entrepreneurs.

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A Reality Check on When to Post Content on Facebook  << Hint: There might be an answer. Via +Tabfoundry 


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The truth behind most success is often messier than it seems. We all do our best to draw a little harmony out of chaos.

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Všimli jste si, že na se dá mezi fotkami přejíždět klávesami J a K? Vývojáři Big Picture asi rádi pracují ve Vimu :)

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