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Hi. Just one (may be) funny thing I have a desire to share.

I'm just translating Fate System Toolkit into Czech language and it is funny, as illustrators sometimes make simple-drawing images and they accidentally capture different emotions, than what are those they want to have there (probably).

Page 45, chapter "pre-compels as adventure design", there is a picture of a guy jumping through the window of some cafeteria, shooting all around with machine gun. In front, there are two women sitting across the table, which is being messed up by the shooting and they are turning out from the table. The intention (probably) was to capture some surprised / scared expression, but the body language and face expression they have...

Well, the right one looks like disgusted noble lady who just saw something really despicable and the left one seems like an angry grad school teacher. I'm just making up the conversation in my mind:

The right one (pretentiously): Oh, this is so inappropriate and tasteless, I can't even believe it...
The left one (angrily): If he doesn't stop doing it right now, I will stand up and- and he doesn't want me to stand up...

I wonder who those would be... some Exalted Solar-power like characters to whom is some jerk with machine gun really nothing else than just an annoying distraction...

well, anyway, I hope I'm not spamming here with it :D
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Combat rules hack (more realism) idea

We all (probably) know how boosts work in combat and how excellent job they do when it comes to bringing live combat dynamics into the conflict scene.

It's nice, but Fate is here still more dramatic than realistic (simulacionist). Real combat doesn't go in A/D A/D A/D A/D exchanges.

Lets say that Success with Style on Attack roll doesn't grant boost, but it takes away opponents next attack (meaning your opponent can not declare attack action).

When you hit with SwS, your opponent loses his next action, so you can deliver another attack "for free" (in the next round, if nobody interferes into your "duel")
I think that could create a little bit different combat dynamics than dynamics given by boosts.

When you are hit with style, than your opponent is forced to do something with your sudden superiority - call CA or full defense (which is not used so much now, at least as far as I noticed) to get your momentum away.

It could work nice for many styles, like Sword and Sorcery, I think.

Question is if this option should still cost 1 shift or not.
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"disabling the attack action" is what I had in mind, for sure. Taking whole turn away would be annoying.
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Petr Mazak (Sirien)

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MWAHAHA, one really tricky question

I'm fighting with some orc chieftain* on the bridge over bloody deep abyss. Bridge is long, but quite narrow (1.5m / yard), no railing. I decide I want to push him down into the abyss.
Now - what to do with it? Beating him out of stress and consequences seems like wrong solution. Resolving it with one pushing attack seems quite boring.

This should be dramatic, epic and awesome combat encounter, but honestly, I'm quite uncertain how to handle it. Suggestions / solutions?

* supporting / main NPC or PC (it is not interesting with nameless NPC). Point is - orc's got both stress and consequences
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Petr Mazak (Sirien)

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Minulej blog vyvolal celkem sranda diskusi, ale bohužel lidi tam ty samé argumenty omýlali jak na kolovrátku (očividně je někde jen nekriticky převzali), takže jsem to shrnul do jedné várky.
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Is there some web collecting Fate game Scenarios (Open Gaming scenarios, adventures and so on)?

I'm just writing down my own Fate hard-SF Open Game I used few times for Fate introduction purposes and if there is such place, I will be happy to translate it into English and share with others.

(+Fred Hicks ?)
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I see players of fate (and also myself) getting stumped for ideas for stunts and aspects (stunts especially for me) quite a lot.

Although the evil hat wiki does provide some information, I always find myself wishing it would be nice if I could see stunts other players have chosen, perhaps filtered by genre or game type.

I rather like the way has a large selection of characters, aspects and stunts for Dresden Files.
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*Errata - please help*

p. 121: "Fair (+1)"
p. 122: "Good (+2)"
p. 123: "Good (+2)"
p. 124: "Great (+3)"

Those are summoning difficulties for Void Calling; following pages are correct (Poor -1, Good +3)

So... Q is obvious - which difficulty applies? Fair is +2, +1 is Average. Good is +3, +2 is Fair. Great is +4, +3 is Good...

(this is not mentioned in "Living errata" linked from Evil Hat web and the same mistake is written in SRD)

+Rob Donoghue, +Fred Hicks,

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+Jacob Possin possible. I'm asking mainly because I'm translating the Toolkit into my native language, so it is more an issue for me than just "which one I should go with", for which reason I would like to get some more definitive and "authoritative" answer.

So far I went with the adjective (and I've changed the numbers), but mostly because I'm the kind of player who uses adjectives more than numbers. Your version (going with numbers) may make more sense with the text itself (which states that those summonings are meant to be easy), so if I don't get the answer here I might change it... but still, I would appreciate to know the answer instead of "guessing" it.

( +Fred Hicks +Rob Donoghue ...again, just for sure)
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+Fred Hicks - Hey. Fast Q regarding System Toolkit layout if I may.

Sometimes, Fate Core, Fate Accelerated Edition and Fate System Toolkit are written with low letters (first capitalize, "Fate Core"), sometimes with caps ("FATE CORE", using small caps, distinguishing first letter as large cap).

Is this an intention or just mistake?

If it is some intention, what is the logic behind it?
If it is a mistake, should it be low or CAPS?

Cheers :)
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+Nicola Urbinati :) nice to be in the company of people who know how it goes :D

I dare to remind myself... +Fred Hicks - just in case...
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Hey guys :) One question: for those of you who know Apocalypse World and its move mechanic. With a friend of mine, we have some hunch, that we saw that before in Fate - may be in something for 3rd edition(s), may be in some hack for 2nd or 3rd edition... is it right or are we mistaken?

(If we are right, could you guide us where to find it?)

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+Michael Moceri none of those :)

Moves got my attention for their capacity to push system elements in the background without weakening it.
Moves are triggered in fiction, therefore they start in narrative and they have already interpreted outcomes, which means that they end in fiction as dynamic narrative input and not as static outcome which needs to be interpreted before narration continues. Using moves seems to create continuous narrative flow of the game like in freeform (game without system), but with robust system in background.

This gives them several limitation so they can not be used for many types of game, but it is very interesting attribute of that mechanic which seems to be really strong in games which doesn't posses those limitations.
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An idea about relationship between free invokes and fate points.
pure theory follows

Often people who are new to Fate ask "ok, but why have I pay metagame resource (FP) to activate my character's most essential trait? It doesn't make sense - what if I run out of FP, I suddenly won't be *Swordmaster until I gain some more again?"

My answer so far is: "no, the perspective is opposite. Aspect describes some specific trait. But those traits - character or situational - usually can not be used 'ad hoc' and immediately when you need so. You usually have to turn the situation in your favor to take advantage of them. CA is how you do it, FP is just dramatic shortcut tu underline those traits in really cool moments."

Therefore: basic way of invoking aspect is free invoke gained from CA, not FP payment.

Any comments to that?
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I'll think about that. Thank you.
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Petr Mazak (Sirien)

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So, according to the pope, physical assault is adequate response to an insult. And he said it in context of Paris shooting.

Shouldn't we also burn somebody for heresy or something like that?

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You made a good point. This wasn't just an awful thing to say, it was an awful thing to say in the context of the Paris shooting which makes it  about a million times more awful. 
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Petr Mazak (Sirien)

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tak další věc co mi místy leze krkem
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sirien (/maelstrom/gamecon/
if there is a figure in the Bible, which we should be grateful, then it is Satan. Apple of Knowledge is infinitely more valuable than a misty delusions

Sirien, člen o.s. Maelström
Bragging rights
usually, i'm right about things. i know that people don't like that, but I simply can't help myself... ;)
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Quite good burgers for very good price. Burgers are not "the top", but they are tasty (with good meat) and size is quite fine for ordinary dinner when you are hungry (you probably don't find anything better around here). They could serve it in a slightly better way (they just give them on plate, so it requires a little skill to take them in hand), but that's just minor thing to improve. Chips are fine. (Note: its small burger bistro, don't expect long menu of other meals - they have some, but they focus on few burgers) Just beside the main street, large parking available, outside sitting, small pool for children, dogs friendly, owned by local innkeeper.
• • •
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May be that it is not the best burger around, but it is still one of the better ones. Also, with nice staff and good prices. The place itself is small, but they deliver fast and there is 24 hour window. I've been there 3 years ago when they started and I was there few days ago and I have to say that those notes about quality decrease are nonsense.
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Příšerné / Horrible. Poprvé co jsem kdy dostal rozvařené lasagne. Naprosto bez chuti. Vracel jsem dvě jídla po sobě, obsluha laxní až nepříjemná. Na poznámku ze kuchař měl špatný den bylo odpovězeno že "naopak, kuchař má dnes dobrý den". First time ever when I refused two meals in line. food without taste. Unpleasant personal. Funny is that they claimed that chef had a "good day"
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Momentalne jsem po prichodu cekala 29 minut na prvni objednavku. Myslim, ze hlavni pozadavek na prijeti do pracovniho pomeru je byt slepy, hluchy a uplne blby... Bohuzel obsluha strasidelne neaktivni
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Cafe during the day, bar during the night - nice place with pleasant staff and good prices. Nothing noble nor extra stylish, but clean, tidy, relatively (!) quiet with good snacks and stable wifi. (Also, there really is a boulder wall and it is possible to borrow shoes and other things if you want)
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Excelentní hermelín a bagety. Super atmosféra a sper obsluha.
Food: Very GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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