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Petr Havlík (Pedro)
... dare to be different! :-)
... dare to be different! :-)

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Be cool, useBeacon!
Leverage useBeacon And beforeunload In Google Analytics

Here's a tutorial with which you'll learn to leverage two cool JavaScript APIs to get more granular information on the time that users spend on your pages.

GA can't report time on page for bounced sessions or Exit Pages, since time measurement relies on subsequent pageview hits. 

With this solution, the browser will send the time spent on page when the beforeunload browser event is detected. This event is dispatched when the unload process begins, i.e. when the user has clicked a link or the close button of the browser tab / window. 

To make sure that the hit isn't cut off by the brutal unload process, we'll leverage the useBeacon field in Universal Analytics. This channels the hit through the navigator.sendBeacon() API, which protects the hit until it is completed.

Browser support is pretty sucky, but this means that the solution can only get better with time :-)

See also +Yehoshua Coren's impressive post on how to leverage this idea in actual analytics work:

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Wooohooo! :)
New Debug panel for Google Tag Manager

The debug panel got a major overhaul. It now reports each dataLayer push, with tags that fire upon that message (if there's an event included). Clicking a tag opens its properties, and you can view the macros by name OR value. 

You can also view the state of each macro upon each dL message, and you can view what the latest dL values are.

This should make debugging a breeze. Excellent addition to the toolbox!

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Good days (of more accurate data) ahead of us :-)
Beacon API just landed in Chrome Canary! Head to chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features, enable the flag, and give it a try!

What's Beacon API? It's a new mechanism to report analytics and similar data without blocking the browser: the payload is delivered in the background by the browser and does not block the page.. even across navigations. In other words, no need for sync-XHRs and other similar hacks to capture page navigation events, form submissions, etc. Think of it as <a ping> but more flexible and more powerful.


P.S. Firefox Nightly also has an implementation of Beacon:

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Merite uplne vsechno, ale nevite vubec nic :-)
Dnešní další natáčení na téma měření webů v roce 2014 s hostem Janem Tichým

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When there is no screen, improvise :-) Funny times at #MeasureCamp

Merging GA data & "your" data

Would anybody be interested in a "live" demo of creating reports that combine web analytics data with information you have available in internal systems (think CRM etc.)? Examples:

- Calculating net profit and real ROI
- Conversion rates of product / categories
- Recency-Frequency Matrix

No DWH specialist needed, just a bit of SQL beauty and Excel (PowerPivot) magic.

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