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We have revived  Compared to the old version, the new version features in-browser compilation, support for dart:html, and works offline.

If you have an iOS device, you can install Try Dart! as an app on your home screen, see

I've been working on this project during my vacation time, but the entire Dart team at Google has helped me with awesome ideas.  Especially, +Nicolas Geoffray +Seth Ladd +Luke Church.  Thank you, guys!

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Seems to work really great. Good job!

The download progress bar was a tad too subtle for my taste. I'd made it larger and put it in the output area. I also suggest to replace "i"/"ith" in the Fibonacci examples with "n"/"nth".
Sorry to be so clueless but I've been seeing this all over What's Hot and I have no idea what it is.
+Wasim Sandhu you can try the Dart programming language in your browser. It's an easy way to experiment with a new web programming language. Learn more about Dart at
Interesting point +Wasim Sandhu, it must be Google I/O marketing kicking in. Whatever is highest on the goog's list of things to be advertised will be "HOT AND RECOMMENDED".
+Seth Ladd Oh cool. I don't do web programming, only C. Thought it might be a web based compiler haha :o
+Derrick Oswald that's a cynical view. I think a more likely explanation is: it's saturday morning, not a lot of news, and quite a few nerds think this is interesting. :)
+Wasim Sandhu Plenty of C developers find Dart interesting... give it a shot! :)
+Ahmet A. Akın Mono-spaced font is a deliberate choice. I think it looks better :-)

According to people who study such things, the jury is still out on which font performs best in usability studies of programming environments.

But since this is really a matter of personal preference, I'll soon add a preference page that allows you to change the font.  In the meantime, you can open the JavaScript console and type:

localStorage['codeFont'] = '10pt monospace';

Then hit enter and reload the page.
I always wondered why android doesn't have such an easy way to install apps just from the web ;)
In-browser compilation? Now I'm interested! Does this mean that Dart has gained an Eval-like API?
Well it compiles dart with the dart2js compiled dart2js
+Brandon Jones the Dart source code is compiled with dart2js (itself written in Dart and having been through the same process). The compiler produces JavaScript which is turned into a Blob and Object URL. This URL is then used to spawn a Web Worker which executes the generated JavaScript.

If the source uses dart:html, it is a little different: the URL is added to a script tag in an iframe.
Aza Tek
The DARK background on the "See Dart" Console hurts my eyes. 
The grey background on Chris Bucket's version of this is so much better.
Why mix light and dark themes on the same page??
+Aza Tek I should tie the console colors to the colors used in the code editor.

I have actually copied all the themes from the Dart Editor but haven't implemented a UI to pick one.

I'm not good a visual stuff, so I just picked the colors of the console output to look like a very old CRT console.  I didn't think about mixing light and dark, but now that you mention it, I see why that is a bad idea.
FWIW, when I open in Safari on my iPad, the page seems to load, but I also get "Cannot Open Page Safari Cannot open the page because the address is invalid"
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