Will the Gig Economy Make the Office Obsolete? The short answer for most knowledge workers is yes.

As smart companies become digital, the need for offices is dramatically changing and the workforce is transforming. Interesting that the sweet spot seems to be a combination of remote work and co-working.

Prediction: by 2020 most smart businesses will have completely transformed from where they work.

This is a great read.

From the article:

"Study after study after study demonstrate that independent, remote workers are more productive, satisfied, and engaged than their office-bound colleagues. Recent surveys of 8,000 workers by McKinsey’s Global Institute and nearly 900 independent workers by Future Workplace and Field Nation find that those workers, freed from the constraints of office life, report higher levels of satisfaction and greater productivity. These results aren’t surprising since remote work eliminates the wasted time of commuting, the stress of constant exposure to office politics, and the death of the workday by a thousand paper cuts of interruptions and meetings."
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