There are a number of things that companies who are leading in their #digitaltransformation do which those who are lagging behind don't.

It's clear that the formal economy is splitting into two. Those that are transforming and those who aren't.

This from the McKinsey Quarterly 2017 report:

"Further, 49 percent of leading companies are investing in digital more than their counterparts do, compared with only 5 percent of the laggards, 90 percent of which invest less than their counterparts. Leading companies not only invested more but also did so across all of the dimensions we studied. In other words, winners exceed laggards in both
the magnitude and the scope of their digital investments (Exhibit 7). This is a critical element of success, given the different rates at which these dimensions are digitizing and their varying effect on economic performance."

How does your business rate when you compare your strategy to the leaders?
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