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Peter den Hartog
My other computer is a data center.
My other computer is a data center.

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Took a great #photosphere today from my new home in Ireland: Dun Loaghaire. In the distance you can see Dublin.

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My #Nexus 6 just came in today. First impression: Big, but not to big. Build quality is solid. Love the button position and the camera.

Screen on while picking up is great for just glancing at your notifications. Very happy on first impression! Won't take it outside without a case/pouch though.  

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Again.. Didn't take long this year.. Happy 2015.

Just received #Lollipop for my LG G (Android Wear). Love the option to install custom watch faces and the new mute functionality (which is roughly the same as the phone version). Any hidden gems?

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+The New York Times spend 36h in Dublin and found some great spots. Time for some exploring when I get back!

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#Inbox by the +Gmail team looks pretty great. Looks like a good mix of Google Now, Keep & Gmail. Can't wait to try it soon for myself! I never got the hang of Mailbox or other Gmail replacements, let's see Google can make me adopt to using email differently.

What are your favorite features? Mine:
- Location based email: boarding card at the airport, hotel reservation at the hotel
- Bundles: collecting e-mails not only based on mail thread but also on subject.. Great way to collect all email for 1 project, trip or event.  

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2 months in Dublin.
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