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I mean, all through this presentation previously I talked about how you’re using the pawns you’re going to screw them if they don’t do what they want, and da-da-dah. You can’t let them feel like that. If they feel like that, you’ve lost from the beginning. It’s like you’re going out with a girl, what you really want to do is have a deep, close and intimate relationship, at least for one night. And, you know, you just can’t let her feel like that, because if you do, it ain’t going to happen, right. So you have to talk long term and white picket fence and all these other wonderful things, or else you’re never going to get what you’re really looking for. So you can’t let them feel like pawns, no matter how much they really are.
Internal Microsoft presentation reveals many of the company's dirty -- if not illegal -- tricks
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"We worked closely with Lotus for years. Lotus was one of our stronger supporters of OLE, and yet, then IBM bought them." — And even today, after the entire Lotus Notes application has been rewritten in Java, it still supports OLE. There's no pleasing some people.
Microsoft doesn't care about technologies, they care about control.
Thanks for sharing +Peter da Silva. This is an older document that was dredged up again by the Comes anti-trust trial and is still worth reading. The thought processes and depth of deception involved are so foreign that it has taken my several readings for the details to sink in. The overall strategy was expressed by a Silverlight developer recently as selling to "Business Decision Makers" at the expense of actual users and developers who know what's going on.
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