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The American Kennel Club won't attend the world dog show if it's in Russia because your dog doesn't care if you're gay.

> One of the most compelling aspects of the human-canine bond - cherished internationally more than ever before - is the fact that our dogs love us unconditionally. Dogs do not discriminate. Gender, race, sexual orientation and other status do not enter the equation of responsible pet ownership.

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And owners mostly don't care if their dogs are gay, in my experience. They just find it hilarious.
The more important question is, who animated the mop?! 
clearly the dog is ready for burning man.
Burning Dog! The canine equivalent. 
Full of dogs getting zorched on catfood, burning their collars, peeing on a million lampposts and pooping all over the place! 

Just like <insert city of choice> ^^;
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