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The IJF’s eventual compromise, reached yesterday, to allow Shaherkani to wear a headscarf was always obvious, given the Asian Judo Federation allows women to compete wearing hijabs and top judokas said it wouldn’t cause safety issues, making such concerns seem illegitimate. But for whatever reason, this issue keeps arising in international sport, creating a needless tension between the ideal of increasing female participation in sports and respecting their religious freedoms while doing so. ❞
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...and supporting Islamic oppression of women.
Maybe. Maybe not. Are women less oppressed in the U.S. when they expose the entire top half (or more) of their breasts? Oh, they're choosing to do that? Well, how many women who hide their hair are choosing to do that?
"I will support your right to not be oppressed by ideologically blinded men, and I will do this by forcing you to be, by your standards, naked."


"Muslim women aren't going out in public! Even after we forbade them from wearing those oppressive 'clothes'! Obviously this is yet more evidence of how Islam oppresses women."
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