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I'm seeing ranking changes across the board within the last hour. Anyone else? 
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I'm definitely seeing ranking flux's across multiple niches. 
Some movement seen here too. No biggie so far, but watching...
+Dan Petrovic just a Q about Algaroo, Dan: Would you share your keyword list you are monitoring? I am interested in semantic breadth and diversity.
From memory it's around 10,000 commercial queries.
Mozcast showed some stirrings even on Friday http://mozcast.com/ and there was a lot of chatter last week about shifting rankings. Look like testing, although Penguin can't be far off.
+Dan Petrovic, accumulated exact match search volume vs broad match volume? My point is that I suspect some terms with very large exact vs broad ratios will have inherently greater volatility, or reflect volatility for different reasons than those with smaller exact vs broad  search volume ratios. This has mostly to do with how common pivot words are. Sorry when I wander off, I am particularly interested in Google's semantic AI programming because it relates more to my core interests. SEO was an "accidental" occupation for me.
I can see there's some issue with clustering in SERPs at the moment with multiple results for the same site clustering together. Seems part of the big G's de-clustering distribution curve is broken. I heard this discussed by MC once, and a policy of "spreading" results, even when two pages from the same site would "deserve" side-by-side rank, G had a policy of creating a gap between if rendering in top positions, but allowing a cluster where there would be more than one result on a single page, but once that had occurred, that the results for that site would dramatically thin out. basically a bell-curve distribution in SERPs with a shallow approach to peak, and then a steep decline and long tail-off.
I have been complaining about clustering for months and months now. I have even reported the issue to Google but the issue remains. In fact +John Mueller even address my question about clustering in one of his Google Hangouts and simply said that Google will sometimes display multiple urls from the same site if they are most relevant. Disappointing.
+Peter Watson interesting. Yes, they will cluster, but they shouldn't allow the potential for a single site to present more than one URL on page 1 of SERPs unless the search phrase sees no other competition. i.e. it's a brand search, or unique to the site being rendered. I recall MC saying this. Interesting you've heard that from JM, but it sounds like what JM has told you is not contradictory, just 'unqualified'?
+Perry Bernard   Either way, it's very frustrating when you see 1 site dominate page 1 taking up 3 positions for a major term. 

The funny thing is that I never experienced crowding in my niche at all until after they released the algo update that was supposed to fix crowding. 
We monitor around 2k commercial terms for different niches, notice a bit of movement today in one niche .com.au specific serps. Other niches seem to be stable we will continue monitoring. 
I haven't seen any change in traffic this weekend - unfortunately. I was the victim of an algorithm on March 14.
Hey +Peter Watson . I have seen a fair bit of flux over the weekend in the UK. Mostly positive so far but will be watching closely how this plays out.

Something has certainly changed in the algo last Friday/Saturday and I think we could be looking at some soft testing of the next Penguin update which is due a re run anytime.
+Evan Pryce Yes I agree re the testing........ I also experienced improvement, so fingers crossed! 
Well I'm definitely seeing it now. Guess I'll eat this hat.
So nearly everyone is seeing the flux and its clear something changed last Fri/Sat.

Big question now is what changes are you seeing? Is this the next Penguin update or something else?

So far all the significant changes I have seen have been positive and a few sites I thought were at risk of a Penguin slap have held firm.

The sites that I have seen take a jump have a disavow file for dodgy links implemented which is interesting. Apart from that no clear pattern to the changes I'm seeing.

I'm interested to know if anyone else is seeing any patterns in the recent algo update.
One site I see big movements for key head terms, this site was hit hard for head terms by penguin and a dodgy past agency. So it seems the mass scale clean up efforts are showing positives. Will keep monitoring changes.
+James Norquay Glad to hear that. It does look as though the changes I am seeing are linked to disavow work done this year.

Kinda looks like something to do with Penguin but I am not sure yet. Has anyone seen any big Penguinesque drops in line with previous updates?
Well this one site use to rank top 10 for some of these terms (high volume/ high competition) with the old agencies network and article spam. They got hit hard and were ranking in the 500s for most terms. Now they are back in the top 30 for some terms. Not great yet but positive signs lets hope it's not the calm before a huge storm.
Along with dodgy links came very thin low quality content of 100s of pages for the client above which also had to be fixed. Hard to tell what is the main cause of a problem till more research is done. Like any SEO project what "worked" in 2007 by a "reputable agency" probably is going to get you hit hard in 2014. 
I find these "periodic" updates frustrating. Sure they might make a difference at the time of release, but the problem is, all the knuckleheads cheating the system "get away with it" between updates.
+John Romaine I don't think Panda does as much collateral damage as Penguin  re the Black-hatters, but I tend to agree. When Penguin rolls out and weeds out the violators, they have plenty of time to get back up and running again, stealing business away from legitimate websites because it is sooooo long in between Penguin. 

It should roll out monthly like Panda.
It would be nice to see it be part of the algo. Not an entirely separate filter.
Right before SMX too. Marketing ploy? ;0)
+John Romaine You are definitely onto something there. Algo updates sometimes feel like they are just one big PR stunt from Google, to shake things up a bit and keep SEO's on their toes.

What are the odds on Penguin rolling out in the next few days to really stir shit up?
Smx isn't run by Google and the content is usually decided on months in advance. But it creates a good topic area. That is for sure. 
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