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After some runtime on 4-1beta3, pressing the home or app-switch softkeys results in a black screen. Only fix is to turn off the device (nothing else than the power menu seems to be visible on the screen).
Since I switched back to the stock launcher I did not see this issue (3 days now). With Nova I had to restart 3 times a day lately.
Does anyone else have this issue?

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Fixing bugs, without regression tests...
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Saying "Send email to ..." with multiple google accounts chose the wrong email account to send from. Can this be configured somehow? Would be nice to see where it will be sent FROM, and be able to quickly change this.

Is there currently a way to make a library not be checked by lint when doing "gradle lintDebug" on the main project? Most of us will not care about the 150 warnings and errors in the Facebook SDK.
I do not see my own issues because of this :)
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