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We deeply mourn the loss of a brilliant and unique thinker. Media Lab Professor Emeritus Marvin Minsky has passed away, aged 88.

Please leave your memories and tributes to Professor Minsky here.

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This weekend concludes the first workshop period in Atlanta for Ipomoea, a project I've co-created along with collaborators Rebecca Makus and Elly Nattinger. Ipomoea is an interactive theatrical environment in the form of an urban garden. It poses a new relationship between artists and space by inviting performance creators to engage in a dialogue with a space that has its own mythology and behavior. The garden becomes the world in which artists and audiences can tell their own stories using the aesthetic and responsive language of the environment.

Over the week, we've implemented the first of five core scenic elements, 'grass,' and the initial components of the control system. Our two invited artists for this workshop are choreographer Ivan Pulinkala and puppeteer Michael Haverty. Both have created short works with the Ipomoea garden. These performance works will be shown today in The Onyx Theater at Kennesaw State University and audiences will be invited to explore the garden, as well. The debut of the full Ipomoea garden is scheduled for 2017.

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The lead-up to the February run of Death and the Powers in Dallas has begun. I'm also working on designing the additional layers of remote experience for the global simulcast.

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A Toronto Symphony launches a third web-based activity and the second hint of the beginnings of Media Scores.
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