Elsevier's takedown notices to Harvard.

From +Kim-Mai Cutler at +TechCrunch: "[P]owerful universities like Harvard have also developed programs that allow academics to freely and legally publish alternative versions of their research. Peter Suber, who is a director of the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication, said Harvard had also received a few dozen takedown notices [from Elsevier] in the last few weeks. “If these takedowns anger you, then don’t give your rights to Elsevier. Steer your papers to another publisher,” said Suber, who stressed he was speaking from a personal perspective and not on behalf of the university."

Here are a few extra details. All the takedown notices were for papers posted to faculty web sites. None were for papers in DASH, our OA repository. All were for published editions. None were for the authors' final peer-reviewed manuscripts. For papers covered by the Harvard OA policies, Harvard faculty have a lawful alternative, even for papers published in non-OA journals.

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