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More data on the economic benefits of OA

"Open Access to published scholarly research offers significant benefits to the UK, according to two reports released today [May 1, 2012] by the UK Open Access Implementation Group. The UK public sector already saves £28.6 million by using open access. The reports make it clear that both the public sector and the voluntary sector would see further direct and indirect benefits from increased access to UK higher education research publications. Already, more Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations use open access than pay for subscriptions, despite the fact that subscription journals make up the vast majority of journals on offer. The UK public sector spends £135 million a year, made up of subscriptions and time spent trying to find articles, accessing the journal papers it needs to perform effectively. Each extra 5% of journal papers accessed via open access on the web would save the public purse £1.7 million, even if no subscription fees were to be saved. The UK's valuable voluntary and charitable sector would also benefit from open access to academic research. For survey respondents, the two most frequently mentioned barriers to accessing research were cost (80%) and lack of time (46%)...."

First report = Benefits of Open Access to Scholarly Research to the Public Sector

Second report = Benefits of Open Access to Scholarly Research for Voluntary and Charitable Sector Organisations

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