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Upgrading my updates

Now that my book on OA (Open Access, MIT Press, 2012) is OA, you can download it in many formats from many places. 

But if you'd rather read it online without downloading, I can recommend the reading edition produced by the Internet Archive:

* Viewing one page at a time: 

* Viewing two pages at a time: 

This edition has the very useful feature of supporting deep links to individual pages. I love that. I just used it to enhance my collection of book updates and supplements. Now an entry updating page n links directly to an OA edition of page n. Check it out. 

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Tech note. There are 12 unpaginated pages in the front of the book, and each one needs a distinct number for the purpose of deep linking. Hence to deep link to page n of the print edition, link to page n+12 in the URL.
Nice review of the field and its current state. I had never heard the terms Green OA or Gold OA.
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