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My book on open access is out.

I'm very happy to announce the publication of my new book, Open Access, from MIT Press.

The Kindle edition is available today <>. Digital editions in a dozen other formats will roll out over the summer.

The paperback edition is available for pre-order now from MIT Press <> and Amazon <>, and will ship in early August.

Before you ask: The book will become OA one year from now. If you can't wait that long, everything I've said in the book I've said in some form or another in an OA article over the years <>, probably more than once.

I plan to launch some kind of page where I can respond to reader comments and post updates. I welcome suggestions about the best way to do that.

#oa #openaccess
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Thanks for the notice.
I can never resist commenting that the kindle version is more expensive than paper :(
Hi Wojtek. I'm not defending Kindle. But Amazon is selling the Kindle edition for $9.99 and the paperback for $10.25.
Apparently not where I live :( kindle: $13.79, paper: $10.25
(but I'm used to it that things in the States are cheaper, including the kindle itself)
Congratulations Peter!  Looking forward to reading it.
Yeah Peter! Just in time for my fall class on open access. 
Congratulations Peter, bought mine today! I am asking around at +Open Science Federation regarding platform, but I've seen this done quite smoothly in WordPress with for entire works or of course, lighter approaches for simpler interaction. Cheers!
On my plan to launch a response and update site: Some good solutions will only work when I have an OA edition of the full text. But I'd also like to find a good solution for the coming year when I won't have an OA edition of the full text. I welcome your ideas.

Meantime I'm on G+ every day. 
Yay Dad! I'm downloading it to my iPad now. It's nice to be able to say "Happy Father's Day!" and "Congratulations on your book!" in the same weekend.
Actually, Dominique has a good idea. I have some avenues for a book symposium. If you're interested we could pursue them. You would not have to travel far, as next year's IACAP meeting will be in the DC area.
Congratulations, Peter!  I'm very much looking forward to getting my copy!
Congratulations Peter. You continue to be a consistent and balanced oracle on OA. Looking forward to having a copy on paper and engaging in the networked deconstruction.
Congratulations Peter- can't wait to read it :-)  The print version is not available yet in the UK, do you know if there will be a printed version here and when? 
Congratulations Peter!  I'm looking forward to reading the book.
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