Avoid the fiscal cliff, pay down the deficit, and slow global warming all at the same time

From Elizabeth Kolbert in the New Yorker:

"Perhaps because a carbon tax makes so much sense —researchers at M.I.T. recently described it as a possible “win-win-win” response to several of the country’s most pressing problems— economists on both ends of the political spectrum have championed it. Liberals like Robert Frank, of Cornell, and Paul Krugman, of Princeton, support the idea, as do conservatives like Gary Becker, at the University of Chicago, and Greg Mankiw, of Harvard....A few weeks ago, more than a hundred major corporations, including Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever, issued a joint statement calling on lawmakers around the globe to impose a “clear, transparent and unambiguous price on carbon emissions”....Even ExxonMobil, once a leading sponsor of climate-change denial, has expressed support for a carbon tax....One key player who has not embraced the idea is Barack Obama...."

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