Open-access journals broken down by CC license

I just had reason to look up these numbers in the +Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and run a few calculations. As long as I've done it, I thought I'd share the results here as well.

Total number of OA journals listed today = 10,567

Here's the breakdown by CC license, in descending order from the most popular:

CC-BY = 4,633 = 43.8%
CC-BY-NC-ND = 2,361 = 22.3%
CC-BY-NC = 1,768 = 16.7%
CC-BY-NC-SA = 677 = 6.4%
CC-BY-SA = 585 = 5.5%
CC-BY-ND = 94 = 0.8%

Total with CC licenses = 10,024 = 94.8%
Total without CC licenses = 543 = 5.1%

These numbers don't add up to 100% because 385 journals (3.6%) use a homegrown non-CC license. I don't take them into account because it's impossible to tell, without case-by-case examination, whether they're equivalent to given CC licenses, more restrictive, or less restrictive. Fortunately for this quick overview, there's only a small number of them.

To check the numbers yourself or update them later, go to the DOAJ <>. Click on Search (in the top navigation bar). Then click on the facet + Journals vs. Articles. Then click on Journals. Then click on the facet + Journal license.

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