Student programming volunteers assist an #openaccess project. Let's generalize this idea.

I love this. Student programmers are donating programming time to a major #openaccess initiative ( as a senior capstone project:

"Two teams of Computer Science students from Stevens Institute of Technology are working with us on Free Ebook Foundation projects. One team of five is working to renovate the user experience. As their senior-year capstone project, they'll be implementing a responsive web framework that will make easy to use on mobile phones, tablets, and on desktops...."

(I'm quoting an email update from Unfortunately I can't find the same update online, or I'd link to it here.)

Someone should start a web site to match OA projects in need of development support with student programmers (or more generally, any programmers) willing to donate their time. If no one else can arrange it, I'll do it. If people or projects in either category send me their names and contact info, I'll post them to a wiki page as a makeshift until someone can devise a better way to match them up.

Kudos to the two teams of SIT students for their willingness to do this. Kudos to SIT for giving these students academic credit for doing it. Kudos to for working it out.

#oa #openaccess
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