Associate editor resigns from Elsevier journal

From Winston Hide, associate professor of bioinformatics and computational biology in the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard School of Public Health, in today's Guardian:

"Today I resigned from the editorial board of a well respected journal in my field — Genomics [published by Elsevier]. No longer can I work for a system that provides solid profits for the publisher while effectively denying colleagues in developing countries access to research findings. It has not been an easy decision to make. Some may feel that I'm grandstanding or making a futile gesture. And it may be a toxic career move. Scientists are expected to contribute to the community by reviewing papers and serving on editorial boards. I cannot stand by any longer while access to scientific resources is restricted. My work on biomedical research in developing countries has shown me that lack of access to current publications has a severe impact....I know this well, as it was what I did for 10 years while at Africa's sixth-ranked university in my native South Africa — the University of Western Cape. Unlike colleagues in developed countries with access to well-stocked libraries and online subscriptions, I have requested pdf articles from Elsevier, and other for-profit publishers, many, many times. The open access movement in science represents a wind of change — or at least a promise of one....So I'd prefer to devote the limited time I have available to an open access journal that provides its work at no cost to researchers who urgently require its contents to improve their environment."

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