Head of Dutch university association calls for OA

Excerpt: "Scientific publishers are much to slow at making research accessible to everyone, Sijbolt Noorda, chairman of the Dutch universities' association VSNU, says in an interview with Monday's Financieele Dagblad. 'Research is paid for by the taxpayer and so the results should be open to everyone as well,' the paper quotes him as saying. Publishers such as Elsevier and Springer should do far more to encourage open access by lessening their reliance on licencing, Noorda says. 'Elsevier could boost its reputation considerably [by allowing open access],' Noorda said...."

Comment: Waiting for Elsevier and Springer to take the next step will mean a long wait. This seems to be among the reasons why Dutch OA is "stagnating" <http://goo.gl/cUSHW>. Worldwide, many public funding agencies (like the NIH and RCUK), private funding agencies (like Wellcome Trust and HHMI), and universities (like Harvard and MIT), have adopted rights-retention OA mandates that obtain permission for OA from authors rather than publishers. There's no need to wait. BTW, Noorda knows this and I suspect he was quoted incompletely by DutchNews. See my five-year-old blog post showing Noorda working toward Europe-wide OA mandates <http://goo.gl/87Fgi>.

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