Two milestones for the Open Access Tracking Project.

Over the weekend, the Open Access Tracking Project (+OATP) passed the milestones of 30,000 tagged resources in the project database and 20,000 tagged resources in the primary project feed.

The difference between the two is that the primary project feed is limited to items that were new at the time they were tagged, as part of the OATP alert service for those following the progress of OA. The project database overall includes OA-related resources tagged retroactively, as part of the OATP effort to classify OA developments with OATP tags and make them available through the OATP search engine.

If you're reading this in Google+, then circle +OATP to follow an abridged version of the OATP primary feed right here in G+.

For the reasons why the G+ version is abridged, and five ways to follow an unabridged version (RSS, Atom, JSON, Email, and HTML), see our post <> from February 2014.

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