Milestone for the Open Access Tracking Project

The Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) has now tagged more than 20,000 web sites since it launched in April 2009.

OATP is a crowd-based effort to notice and tag new OA developments. The goal is to organize knowledge of the field and provide continual updates to readers who subscribe to the project feeds. OATP is grateful to all the project taggers, and especially to Andrea Bernard, who can be called the OATP tagger-in-chief nowadays.

The 20k total includes OA-related journal articles, news stories, blog posts, project pages, slide presentations, and videos. It includes sites tagged when OATP ran on Connotea, and sites tagged after OATP moved to TagTeam earlier this fall. It includes about 16k sites that were new at the time of tagging, and about 4k sites tagged retroactively in our ongoing effort to put earlier developments into the OATP database for search and classification.

OATP home page

TagTeam introduction

TagTeam front end to the 20k items tagged for OATP

How to subscribe to a feed of items tagged for OATP

How to tag OA-related developments for OATP

How to search OATP records. (Note that we're improving the TagTeam search engine and UI at this very moment, and hope to roll out the improvements shortly.)

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