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Wow, "Into the Sea" just got nominated in the NPR Tiny Desk contest!

It'd mean a lot to me if you could click this link and vote for me (takes 5 seconds, just click "Vote" under my video). Thank you!!

"... we’ve chosen six videos we love and want you to weigh in: Which is your favorite video featuring a desk out of its natural habitat?" Vote ends Fri.

HT: Tong Zhao for shooting this video and Patricia Carolina Jaramillo for the headsup I got nominated!

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Santa Barbara..."a Beach Boy sounding road trip into awesomeness."

-The Huffington Post

New music from +Peter Su +Santa Barbara

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Really proud of this one – "Heart Sees." Yoga goes electronic, written by yours truly with Kevin Paris and Oscar Del Amor – yoga singer and EDM DJ extraordinaire. Huge props to Nico Natale, the mad-talented director/editor/drone-master.

We hope you can vibe to the positive vibrations we're sending out into the world.

Thank you to Music Is My Life for the premiere!

#behonestwithyourself #heartsees #yogagoeselectronic #kevinparis #oscardelamor #petersu

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"Stained glass eyes, I can't see..."

For those of you who heard the official electronic version of "Heart Sees" last week, here's the unplugged acoustic version by Kevin Paris, Oscar Del Amor, and yours truly - cause, you know, you always need an acoustic and 3-part harmony version.

Performed live at Love. A Yoga Space. in Venice, CA. Special thanks to Sara Noelle and Andrew 7 Sealy for joining on the singing and flow. Filmed by Sarah Haywood Photography.
Namaste yo. If you dig the song, it's available everywhere:

Google Play:

#heartsees #kevinparis #oscardelamor #petersu #lionsonthebeach #loveyoga #venice #california #andrewsealy #sarahnoelle #sarahhaywood #yogagoeselectronic #lightninginabottle #djdrez #lumineers #headandtheheart #namaste

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Yoga goes electronic.

Almost 2 years ago now I met a DJ at the Songwriting School - we talked about doing yoga, being stoked on coachella, and then somehow writing some music together. Oscar Del Amor was chill, but I wasn't sure how I could fuse my acoustic songwriting with an EDM DJ.

We finally got together in my lockout in Glassell Park and started something, the seed for an uplifting song. At the same time, Oscar was working on writing tropical-acoustic jams with a yoga artist, Kevin Paris, and we combined our powers to turbocharge the song.

In between Kevin's tours through yoga festivals around the country, Oscar's DJ sets, and my busking at the beach – we wrote and recorded this song for y'all. #positivevibes



#heartsees #kevinparis #oscardelamor #petersu #yoga #electronic dance #folktronica #tropical house #acro #santa monica #la #singer #songwriter #producer #engineer #dj #michael franti #jason mraz #avicii #lumineers #upliftmofopartyplan #acroyogidancepartyonthebeach

LA's newest youtube channel for those who like to give Awkward Hi-5s, CHALLENGED me to sing pick-up lines. Will you ‪#‎swoon‬?

Stay tuned for my interview with Dre Magic (@youngdreezy) and Jack Van Slamme (Slammarang) and live performances on their channel:

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Honored and stoked to be the very first podcast guest tomorrow for‪#‎youshineishine‬ , a new podcast featuring conversations and ongoing narratives with emerging artists in the LA scene, hosted by the two most incisive and warmest poets I've met,@ladybasco and @beausia

I have a feeling tomorrow night's conversation with these OGs will be full of curveballs and delightful discoveries so tune in y'all!
Tuesday, 4/12 6-7pm on stream , at @thegreatcompany

#youshineishine ‪#‎podcast‬ ‪#‎conversations‬ ‪#‎la‬ ‪#‎artist‬ ‪#‎life‬ ‪#‎stories‬ ‪#‎arc‬#conversations ‪#‎ladyb‬ ‪#‎beausia‬ ‪#‎petersu‬ ‪#‎ourmic‬ ‪#‎thestageisopen‬‪#‎weownthe8th‬ ‪#‎greatcompany‬

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What? Honored to be the featured artist this week on the VAVA Sound Blog. Thank you guys for writing up my story behind ‪#‎lionsonthebeach‬.

Peep their write-up and the "California Dreamin" Playlist I made for their listeners.

Featured Artist Story:

"California Dreamin'":…/…/playlist/7HvdUXIDDCvaARS9f0VykR

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Here's a sweet little video / mini-documentary that my cousin George Yang made – taking you deep inside my Album Release Party for Lions on the Beach. Thanks again for the love man (and everybody in the video)!

Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco. March 12th, 2016.
‪#‎lionsonthebeach‬ ‪#‎funtimesensue‬ ‪#‎wholelottalove‬

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I have so many people to thank for breathing life into #LionsontheBeach, culminating in Saturday's album release party at Hotel Utah. After 3 years of dreaming and creating, on Saturday night – an album was born.

First off – thank YOU, for coming out to support me and the album release party at the Hotel Utah Saloon. I can't believe it freaking sold out! My family, my friends, old co-workers, musician friends, new friends – thank you all for coming, inviting your friends, supporting my dream through buying my album and swag, and spreading the word about Lions on the Beach. It meant a lot to me that I could share the biggest show of my life with you and I really hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Thank you if you supported me and my lifelong dream to make an album with my Kickstarter – to help me get to that stage, to finally create something I'm truly proud to share with the world. 

Thanks to Trace Repeat and Ellisa Sun for opening the night and blowing the roof off of Hotel Utah. 

Thank you to my band for helping my music to bloom into the full expression of what I've always imagined in my head – 5 part vocal harmony power pop + epic strings. 

Braden Lyle: for slaying on that wet-reverby guitar, WHILE dropping those gorgeous harmonies
Marissa Lauren: for helping me to believe I can really do this music thing, and for being the best harmony singer I know
Abe Kim: for being the rock
Zach Parkes: for your lifetime of musicianship distilled into one 60 min set
Evie Sim: for being my favorite friend to harmonize with since early LA days, and for blessing the room with your voice once again

Christina Wong: for sharing your world-class Juilliard musicianship with your rock n' roll cousin 
Aaron Wong: for utilizing your perfect pitch and amazing musicianship to play super-high violin parts on your cello #tinyfingersontheneck
Patricia Ho: for reminding me why you were the super-star concertmistress of PACO
MJ Leechor: for your musicianship and heart – BARTING back and forth in the rain to get in that concert black

Hunter T Larsen: for jumping in on harmonies in a pinch and showing me what it means to be a SINGER #legendarymusicstoriesyoureadabout

Thank you to the DCM Ventures family:
Dixon Doll: for your generosity in helping me get to that stage, your heartfelt speech, and for killing it on the tambourine! #RoleModel
David Katsujin Chao: for being there in spirit, and trying to come even after flying in from Geneva with a fever #ExecutiveProducer
Pete Moran: for your excitement and support on Saturday night, and whenever I come back to visit. It really means a lot to me
Gen Isayama: for being the one partner that wanted to do music deals too haha! And now supporting me as a musician. Plus being extremely solid with your percussion rhythm

And finally, a VERY Special Thanks for the night must go to:
George Yang: for being the CEO of SWAG on saturday, handling everybody and logistics just to help me fund and continue my musical dream. #plussexytshirtmodel
Virginia Ng: for being the COO of SWAG of the night, making my tshirt looks so cute, and being so sweet and kind with helping out any way you could. I really appreciate it 
Josephine Wang Wang: for capturing all the magic of the event with your photography skills, hunting for the perfect moments, documenting the love in the room with priceless kodak moments. Thank you Andrew Wang for waiting til the wee hours!

Dorothy Li: for being the one person I trusted to give my phone to for the whole night, knowing 100% you would take care of everybody. Thank you. Plus then diligently running over to man the merch table when everybody started to party.
Josephine Lui: for being the cute t-shirt model and working with Justin Lee to help to get my Lions on the Beach T's into everybody's hands!

David Su: for taking care of our family and the VIPs of the night, and then lugging all those boxes back by yourself back to the house so that I could focus on my performance and hosting everybody
Daniel Su: for helping with carrying all that stuff with David and then helping me transfer all those files at the very end of the night, so that I could focus on thanking all my supporters

Iran Ramirez: for lending the party your skilled eye and capturing the kodak moments of the biggest show of my life
Marco Antonelli: for capturing every second of the musical performances on video so that we can re-live this magical night for the rest of our lives


If you took pics, please share and tag so we can remember the night!

Photo Credit: Willa Hu
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