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Peter Sitterly
Without reality, fantasy would not exist.
Without reality, fantasy would not exist.

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Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 28840

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That's hot.

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This looks interesting.
There is it : +Inbox by Gmail  - A new personal assistant!

You and I know that the way we use our mailbox has changed dramatically in recent years: the amount and diversity of mail we get increases a lot.
Unfortunately, many mailboxes are not designed to deal with this, which means that we end up doing a lot of work to organize, to try to keep track of everything we have to do every day without being as productive as we would like. 

The Gmail team has built and designed a new model to better manage email and deal with the current situation.
This new inbox will work with your existing Gmail account, so that all your emails and contacts will be waiting for you. You will always have access to Gmail especially!

His name, as you will be doubted, will be Inbox by GMail™ and will be available as an Android App and Desktop website to start.

Several new features repatriated in one place!

• Groups: Your messages will be grouped like so that you can deal with them together, or dispose of them all at once. Automatically, your emails will be sorted by date, which will make it easier.

• The basics: Learn about important information without having to open the message. Consult your airline tickets, shipping purchases information or pictures that a friend sent you. It's not magic?

• Reminders and notes: set reminders that will be displayed directly in your inbox so you do not forget anything. Very useful for those who use their e-mail box at work and have a selective memory:-)

• Put it on hold: put your email and reminders pending to consult when you have time (next week, back at home or whenever you want). Nothing more fantastic!

• Research:  Inbox allows you to find exactly what you need, whether flight details or address of a friend, without having to wade through all messages.

Like any new product of its kind, invitations are required.
But do not be pained, we have two invotation to distribute!

The rules to take part of this revolution are simple, you simply need to add a ”+1”  to this post and share it.

#Inbox #GMail #MarcTips #googleupdate #InboxByGmail
Want to learn more about "_Inbox by GMail_", join us on the Help Center:
Questions about the product, do not hesitate to ask them on the help forum:!forum/gmail/categories

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Here are 50 things you didn't know you could do with Google. Interesting presentation.

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The Rubik’s Cube is 40! #CubeDoodle

I'm really surprised I managed to solve this in less than 15 minutes in the online version, and after making a series of big mistakes along the way with misclicks.

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Not nearly as easy as a real cube, but still mostly workable.

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I'm not sure why there aren't more Mountain Biking video games.

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Was his girlfriend wearing a hoodie?

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I've eaten this burrito before.
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