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Worth reading: +Paul Clarke's Google+ split personality problem. This is a tricky issue for Google to solve - they seem to have been so inclusive about including putative profiles in Google+ (so you see your friends and family 2 or 3 times over in the Add To Circles app) that they have been confounded by people's typically fragmented use of email. Paul's experience is far more worrying than mine, but I'm still having, for example, another 'Peter Sigrist' profile suggested as a potential friend/connection for me. I suspect it to be merely me under a different email address, but I am not clear how to absorb it within my own identity on Google+.

Here's Paul's Article:
Google Plus Ungood. I know many people have managed to get up and running with Google+ fairly easily. The usual snags have been reported, of course, as users get used to the idiosyncrasies of the netw...
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Yo Pete, I was wondering why your photos etc. which appeared on K's G+ didn't show up on mine. It must me because my identity on G+ is my Gmail and you are using my Talk21 identity. See of you can change me to norman.sigrist@gmail.

+Chris Reed - ironically, I thought I was in contact with you until this morning when I realised it was another Chris Reed entirely! Pesky wrong/old email addresses!
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