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This must be the reason chat roulette was even invented.
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Cheers to +Rene Dudfield for getting the new Pygame website live during his last sprint. I'll miss the green but I'm more excited for real content. Nice work! #pygame #python  
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This is out, imho you need this.
DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE. INSANELY FUN.Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventur...
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I don't often play the Hearthstone Arena. Tricky choice here between Cain and Troggzor! I ended up picking Cairn Bloodhoof! Any fans of the Earthinator out there?
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Python 2.6 added the `any` and `all` functions. I love these two functions, but I think they could be improved.

My biggest problem is that they return booleans. Unlike the flexibility I get from the logical `and` and `or` operators, which result in the last value that was evaluated.

This change alone would make `any` and `all` more useful. For example, if I had a list of strings and I wanted to find a string that was non-empty, I could use "any(my_sparse_strings)" to fetch it. This becomes the same as doing "my_sparse_strings[0] or my_sparse_strings[1] or .. my_sparse_strings[n]".

They become more useful if we also add a "key" argument to transform the values. This might be just as useful as the key function in `sort`, `min`, and `max`. I'm still not sure about this because you then cannot know if the value returned met or did not meet the criteria, without checking it again.

Lastly, did you know `all` generates a `True` for an empty list and `any` generates `False` for an empty list? It seems like it would be convenient to control the value when given an empty iteratable.

Well, I took a stab at improving both of these in my yter library. See the `yall` and `yany` methods. I was highly tempted to name them `yand` and `yor`, but I steered towards naming them after the existing Python functions.
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I really dislike the conditional "else" operator. But I use the logical "and" and "or" operators all the time. So often I frequently want to pass a list of values into them. 
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Python classes make terrible iterators. (Because performance)

I've been writing a few iterators and doing some simple benchmarking. I was suprised to see that python classes are nearly an order of magnitude slower than a generator.

I've documented my findings and shared them on my new, barely interesting library of iterators.

TLDR, use combinations of itertools if at all possible, otherwise go for a generator, and never build a class with a next method!
Creating your own Python iterators can cost you in performance where you were not expecting. A Python class that iterates values is orders of magnitude slower than the fastest options. (Order of magnitude defined as 10x slower, an entire decimal place). One of the simplest test cases I can think ...
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+Marek Lewandowski  Your version runs at the same speed as the original (at least with Python 3). Indexing a list in Python has never been, or never will be a slow operation.

If we change your version to "it = iter(i)" then that improves performance to only 3x slower than a generator! I'm still convinced the conclusion is correct.
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This stage was stunning to see in real life at the SC2 WCS world championships. Video shows a light look behind the scenes.
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Good overview of the latest patch and hero standing. Seems to line up with my experience.
Updated 5/14/2015 Having a short but storied history, Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's attempt a...
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Stuff like this makes me even more excited about work.
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So hot right now! Well, so hot next year.
The star and Owen Wilson confirm the long-awaited sequel will be out next year
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What is the quickest way to count the items in an iterator, using pure Python?

I spent some time thinking of various techniques and benchmarking them. It turns out the simplest is the fastest. Copy the iterator into a list and see how big the list is. I find that surprising since the data must be copied into a flat array that must occasionally be resized.

The fastest solution I like is to copy the iterator into a fixed size list, until the iterator is empty. That is about 3x faster than a simple for loop.

Here's a link to my data and a basic description of the different techniques. I'd love for someone to surprise me with something new and novel!
The fastest way to walk through all elements of an iterator is collections.deque(iter, maxlen=0) . The deque works like a cyclical buffer when given a maximum length. And with 0 actual elements it is very fast at collecting the data. Unfortunately this does not tell us much about what happened ...
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You use up the iterator though which can be annoying 
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Api design:
The opposite of 'append' is 'prepend'. So the opposite of 'extend' is 'pretend'? OK, that is funny but terrible, but what is the right method name?
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+Peter Shinners 
verb (used with object), preceded, preceding.
1. to go before, as in place, order, rank, importance, or time.
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That python for movies guy
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