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I believe that the much argued "sanctity of marriage" ended in 1960 when the FDA approved the birth control pill for contraception.  In other words, the minute science allowed women to take charge of their reproductive cycle, the cultural reason for protecting marriage - ensuring the continuation of the species - collapsed. Additionally, when conception became a fundamental female choice, as opposed to a random event, thousands of years of patriarchal rule came to an end.  That is why male-dominated religions and social institutions are so filled with rage right now. They know, at least subconsciously, that the jig is up. Their tribal blood- drenched reign is over.  We are witnessing the death throes of the testosterone epoch. Unfortunately, organizations and philosophies that took thousands of years to develop might take just as long to die.  Regardless, the hand-writing, probably a pretty cursive, is on the wall.  Do what you will with this information, but I'm making a donation to NOW.

Peter Sharma III

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Agreed it's a plausible part of the equation. I don't buy this as source of all life on earth. I like interstellar spores.
"The most recent 2014 study looked at polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are chemicals known to damage DNA, are carcinogens, or cause developmental impacts." There is no #EthicalOil   #KXL  #Alberta #TarSands #PostOil  
Start caring about #policy & stop caring about #sex in #politics. Here's  #BillMaher's take: 
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#PrankItForward? You bet! Very nice, indeed.
Half our nation goes hungry in fear & lack as a few reap all rewards. #poverty #homelessness #survival  #PleaseShare
The #Canadian answer to big #Vlad's stoopid #AntiGay laws.
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