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Make it work.  Make it right. Make it fast.  I don't do a lot of CSS these days but Addy and his posts are a great resource for web performance tuning.

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"Look Up" a poem about Social Media
Look Up


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I always love the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.  

Here are some of the ones I have had time to prototype or actually started adopting already:

5.  Windows infrastructure automation
27. MongoDB
29. Node.js
54. Grunt.js
60. PhantomJS
77. Sinatra
6. Capture domain events explicitly
9. Instrument all the things
11. Micro-services
18. Development environments in the cloud

Here are the ones that I have experienced pain with (All of these are in the Hold of each section):

25. Velocity as productivity
45. Big enterprise solutions
46. CMS as a platform
47. Enterprise Data Warehouse
73. TFS

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I consider myself a combo of these two.  It really depends on the composition of the team and the project we are working on.

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I really like what Matt is putting down here but I think we could do better.  Introducing the 29 second standup!

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Really bomb online diagramming tool. :) Peace out Visio.  Big points for me, saves diagrams as XML, exports to multiple formats, and integrates with Google Drive.

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