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+Kalebra Kelby when a spacesuit makes even +Zachary Quinto look dweeby, you know it has some serious fashion challenges. "Classic 22nd Century style," as Jadzia Dax said...
Yes, that's what I meant. Looks “classic!” LOL!
That's not logical at all - Spock :))
And that bland green screen... C'mon Spock... Martians were red, when are you get over it... Star Trek 1,2,3.. Even Nimoy surrendered to the blue :))) LOL
When the green screen is turned into space in post I'm guessing they'll edit out the dweeb factor as well. But, Martians? You think it's at Utopia Planitia? (geek geek)
Sure is and we are the Vikings .... Meanwhile Spock probably is trying to make logical sense out of ROFLMBO.. Where is darn 'Bones' when you need one, the laughing bones that is :)))
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