Sharing not just because I made the list - the other 49 are really good!
The 50 best 'Bragging Rights" claimed on Google+

A few months ago I started a little file called "Google+ bragging rights." Into it I began funneling the "bragging rights" that people have listed for themselves on their G+ profiles, the thought being that such a collection might make for fun reading once it reached a critical mass of notable entries. It has.

Some Google+ readers should be thankful that I chose to do a "best" list instead of "lamest" or "most pretentious," but here are the folks who seem to understand what was being asked of them ... thanks for playing: +Steve Elliott +Chris Kim A +Julio Ojeda-Zapata +Peter Schmidt +Chris Messina +Ron Garan +Snoop Dogg +Mat Jackson +Lance Burkhardt +Harry McCracken +Dana Geppi Long +Abraham Williams +Colin McMillen +Benjamin Kerensa +Fraser Smith +Matt McKeon +Thomas Edmonds Jr. +Kenton Varda +MG Siegler +Wil Wheaton +Vivian Leung +Trey Ratcliff +Daniel Peckham +Zoltán Stekkelpak +Cliff Roth +Robert Scoble +Baratunde Thurston +Mike Elgan +Gina Trapani +Brad Snowder +Michelle Marie +Philippe Salort +John Mason +Richard Masoner +Rob Malda +Joost Schuur +Lil Peck +Travis Wise +Jason Salas +Jodi Ettenberg +Stephen Griffin +Andy DeBrunner +Mitesh Shah +Maria Bartiromo +Cheryl Lynn Regan +Christina Kelly +Bob Brown +Ben Gerber +Philip Plait and +Rob Colbert
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