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Sinner or a saint?

Well, it seems that the jury is still out on that. However, Eva Perón was without a doubt a woman with both power and beauty. She was so popular among the people that within a day of her death in 1952 all flower shops in Buenos Aires ran out of flowers. People died and were injured in the mourning masses that formed. I am sure there are more to a woman like Evita than meets the eye and I won’t try to pretend I know or understand all things around this Spiritual Leader of a Nation so I won’t speak about her accomplishments. However, to me it’s clear that she played an important role in the history of Argentina and for many she is seen as a saint...

A different share for #WomenWednesday, does it qualify? Is it too outside the box? I tend to like going outside the box if I can :) Curated by +Athena Carey, +Teresa Stover, +Niki Aguirre, +Lee Daniels and +Christina Lawrie.
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Wouldn't it be interesting to know a person like this? To really know them. I guess we will just have to imagine. I hope you are having a lovely Wedensday +Peter Sandin :)
It most certainly would! To know the person behind the mask :)
Have a great Wednesday you too +Athena Carey :)
Of course it does, I never said it had to be litereally an image of a woman... just something that embodies a positive message of women. Awesome contribution... never be afraid of doing something outside of the box!!! It's refreshing :) Happy +Women Wednesday !!
It totally qualifies. A very intriguing and appropriate post.
I like the introduction and reasoning and a beautiful photo.
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