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magical mist

The forth image in a row from the north of Sweden.
#MinimalMonday by +Olivier Du Tré
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This is Torneträsk as seen from Björkliden which is right next to Abisko national park. Beautiful place which I can highly recommend! 24h train ride and you are there so it's not that far :)
Very subtle composition of tone-on-tone colors. The mountains in the background play an important role when you start seeing them trough the fog ...
+Peter Sandin As you asked me on an other post:
Example of a bad user - not a very intelligent one but on this example you can easy see how this business works (there are of course more niftier ones): DAREK Darek - typical: no address - many circled - only few who added him (he added me today):
Account started on 20 Apr 2012 with a post on which all user who gave 1+/commented are bad

Next: “Cześć +Mariusz Wywiał, co u Ciebie?”
With those always limited posts new bad user are animated (you can’t see them - limited - but you might have already seen those - it differs only with the language but the meaning is always the same: join us) and yes - I had blocked +Mariusz Wywiał already long time ago …
Examples in other languages:
- “Bonjour +KORNELIUS GOLDSTEIN, quoi de neuf ?”
- “Ehi, +Pascal Decaux, come va?”
and yes - I had blocked both already long time ago ...

First (bad) photo posted on 11 Jun 2012  - surprising 21+ all done by bad/fake user: (+ = bad/fake user - most of them already blocked, all other after checking - the order might differ on your screen):
+ Jornal Parabolico
+ Daniel Silva
+ mario brezovec
+ Ingulf .Richter
+ Yuko Yamashita
+ DAREK Darek
+ Anna Bauk
+ Ewa Kuciejczyk
+ Jean Karlos Babini
+ Katia Lopez
+ Оксана Крысюкова
+ adrian płaczek
+ Justyna Konarzewska
+ Sławomir Slawrys
+ Marcin Łaska
+ stephane Steff.Felix
+ Jerzy Kopciński
+ Karolina Matyjaszkowicz
+ Maria Bucardi
+ Agata Bednarska
+ Mateusz Bednarski .

Important: no really bad javascript - so you can watch him without risk - meanwhile an exception - most of the bad user have bad javascriopt. There are many variants - from funny gigs to some very dangerous ones - a middle dangerous example: changing of the shown user who are important for you (those who have added you are usually shown at first - now they are in the middle or down - so you won’t find them - esp if you want to block user of this group who added you)

G+ is imho already lost - for sure....I call this the biggest fault on the internet ever: In nearly every of the damned shared circles are some bad user and nearly every daily themes page and even the verified page sites have added those too ... … and more and more of the best photographer/artists leave G+ and you won’t see good work on G+ anymore (maybe as a stolen version without author), but a lot of “colour" and "funny” cat-gifs and photos posted/pushed up by a mob of fake/bad user (imho more than 50 % fake accounts on G+) - thus G+ is imho lost - not to repair - even Google would change his policy and take care about bad/fake user (also a fake user is one more in the race of the big players):

The only hope you can have that the groups of bad user fight each other as they are greedy.

A forecast (don't forget about):
In some month - when million of brave photographers/artists realize (slowly - but it is already done) that all their album/photos are all stolen and posted without author by user as Thomas Eichberger “found on the web” (we know 1000ds of those user)  G+ will be a place for underdogs and those photographer/artists who had been successful on G+ will have a very bad reputation. G+ will be not named as social medium but a place of many pushed up fake-photographer, a place to loose your work and those will be glad who never joined G+ or left in time ... -

This is what I don't understand with the leaders of the bad user - they destroy their own basis ..

PS: If you don't believe my forecast or want to know more: Please go to my profile site and read my last 20 comments of my last posts - start with the elder ones for better understanding. 2. edit  

Greetings again ..
Tis, It looks as though the silkies will swim right out of the water and through the mist.
I think you are right +Gina Beck, maybe if I had stayed a bit longer I would have seen them :)
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