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Going to see #Deadmau5!

I'm pumped. 

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This is super cool. I really want to see most of these things.

So I figured I'd share.

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Brings back sweet memories of +Bethany Baric​ at the Auto Show. . .

My Quigley! 

Julio Jones : 88 yard TD

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+Tanner Libby​ check this out homeboy! 
Samsung Chromebook Pro With 12.3″ 2K Display and Pen Leaked - While Samsung may still be rethinking its smartphone strategy for the coming year, they are apparently ready with their next step in the Chromebook market. The Samsung Chromebook Pro starts off the spec sheet with its 12.3″ 2K (2400 x 1600) display with an aspect ratio of 3:2. Being a Chromebook, the device is of a conventional laptop form factor made of aluminum, but it does incorporate a 360° hinge as well as a stylus (called j...

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I hope Collin Kapernick gets absolutely obliterated every time he takes snap.

If you have a problem with the country, hold a press conference, write a book, take your money and start a political action group; however, if you enjoy living in a country where others have died so that you never have to work a normal job in your life because you can play a game better than most and currently has a President who belongs to the group you are protesting the "oppression". . . Stand up and honor the national anthem idiot.

How can the black community be oppressed with the most powerful public office being held by a member of said community? 
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