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Another BS rule.

(I do wonder if anyone will be able to guess which tech company's offices this sign is from.)
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It starts with the scooters ... next they will ban motorcycles... ATV's
Yep, they just keep taking away our freedoms...
If a no Segway sign is next, I'd leave for sure.
hmm, but you can take in skateboards and rollerblades
I'm more concerned about the rule below it: Partition walls must be placed between men and women. Shocking.
Glad they clarified "building" hallway. Try and stop me from using my scooter in an outdoor hallway!
Does a building hallway mean that it's continuously expanding?
based on font.. facebook. heck even the male/female bathroom sign looks facebook-y
Give it up! Where is it? You are killing me.
+Peter Rojas that's the office at the Chelsea Market? next to the Apple Store? Hmm.. weird.. in Mt. View they have google bikes.. oh well.. if the employees use the scooters indoors, it deserves to be banned..
+Ryan Singer I know... it might be necessary to use scooter and other man-powered vehicles in facilities... but the fact that the company had to impose this ban means that some idiot employees probably ran over or made too much of a ruckus that complaints forced management's hand.

Again, a few bad apples ruined the fun for everyone...
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