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After working with i18n in #rubyonrails  for a while I thought it would be worth sharing my exprience on how to organise/work with it more efficiently.

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Been having a go at Android development thanks to the folks at +Treehouse everyone learns differently but I do find the videos more useful when starting out with something completely new.

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In my latest article I talk about how the OmniAuth gem allows you to dynamically change a providers options. This opens up many interesting possibilities for multi-tenanted applications to allow their users to accept provide their own credentials.  #ruby   #rubyonrails  

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Need to work with locales or time zones in your  #rubyonrails  app? I've put together a few tips to help out.

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These would be great as a large print
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One for you +Tom Coates
Wall-mounted water cooled PC

Not the strangest one I have seen :)

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"I don't have any friends." - Jack Bauer, 24: Live Another Day.

#24fox #24LAD  

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Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong With NUNCHUCKS!!!

#gifoftheday   #gifofthedayindeed   #gif   #epic   #amazing   #wowfactor   #brucelee   #pingpong  
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