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Ah ha, after reading about SSOD support being discontinued and wondering how I could get a newer version of the Squeezebox server on my new Synology (the older version that I found from Synology had a few issues, particularly in iTunes integration) I find this post:

Turn on beta packages. Install 7.9.0, turn off beta packages. Configure Squeezebox server and all works fine. It even has the binaries for sox, flac, faad, etc, so I don't need to search those out for wider media support.

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Anyone local looking to buy a MacBook Air?

Got one that works perfectly but the top case, mostly the corners, is dinged up so will obviously sell for a less than usual. 1.8GHz i7, 4Gb RAM, 256Gb flash drive (max spec at the time). Can provide pictures of the dings if someone is interested.

The model in perfect condition selling price seems to be 500-600 pounds on ebay. Person to person in London, looking for £350.

Clean new install of El Capitan, hardware full specs are here:

Added an isc dhcpd binary and build script for synology_avoton boxes like the DS415+ to

This time most of the info came from here:

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(public version)

Cross compiling rtmpdump for an x86 Synology box (DS415+).

Download binary here:

Build script here:
I ran this this on an ubuntu 64bit VM host.

Building rtmpdump was made a lot easier by finding this post, I updated, it made some fixes to the example and built rtmpdump from scratch since the listed library is 404:

I haven't built ffmpeg because there's already a Synology package for it out there but seems like it wouldn't be that hard to add on.

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Anniversary of the deaths of the Apollo 1 astronauts. A reminder of the risk taken every time someone goes to space (or in their case even preparing to go to space) and the brave people who take those risks.
Remembering the crew of Apollo 1. On January 27, 1967, astronauts Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, Edward H. White II, and Roger B. Chaffee perished in a fire during a pre-launch test for what was to be the first crewed Apollo mission.

Photo credit: NASA

In case anyone else has problems with this...

I finally updated my phone from Android 5.x to Android 6.0.1 and stopped being able to select my personal notification sounds in the PagerDuty Android app.

The answer (thanks to their support folks) was to enable the Storage permission for the app. I didn't think that'd stop an app getting notification sounds but apparently it does.

Settings > Apps > PagerDuty > Permissions > then enable the Storage permission.

So a Synology box is likely the right answer for data storage and backups at home, however the right box and disks will have to wait for the next bonus payout.

In the meantime can anyone recommend a relatively cheap widget to put a 6Tb (split into three partitions) USB3 disk online as network accessible storage? The gotcha being I'd prefer it to stay as hfs+ formatted. The Time Capsule it is currently connected to is slow as molasses.

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Back in 2014 a problem was reported in not being able to change the ringtone for incoming voice calls received over gvoice/hangouts integration. I just got a call with a weird ringtone that went to replace... and found I can't. It's 2016. Really?!topic/hangouts/wPJrZauaUG8

How to get your twitter/whatever account deleted, in one easy lesson: register it to my gmail account.

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