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Around 20 years since Andrew Wiles proved Fermat's Last Theorem:

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Stolen from some wags on Facebook:
Brexit preventable, just change Stay on ballot to Boaty McBoatface.

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New element names! (proposed):

113 Nh Nihonium
115 Mc Moscovium
117 Ts Tennessine (a halogen)
118 Og Oganesson (noble gas)

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Interesting story about one of the major proponents of the LIGO project. The big surprise is at the bottom, they are seeing a black hole collision every month?

“... and there seem to be about one of them a month that we can detect.”

As Pi day goes past it reminds me I missed 'e' day again.

BTW, "The Who" praised e, from "My Generation":

F-F-F-Fade away
Talkin' 'bout my exponentiation.

Or did I mishear the lyric?

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1960s gas guzzler in action.

Two merging black holes emit gravitational waves. It should be reversible, so I can use my graviton-laser (gaser?) to break off tiny black holes from bigger ones?
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