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Protecting our space isn't really that hard if everyone does their part while here.  Just wanted to share my approach.

Tonight, several wanderers made their way up from the bookstore. I greeted each of them and assumingly said "Hi, you must be visitors from the Campus Store" and asked if they had questions. I introduced myself as paying member, gave them a brief overview, and how they could join. They thought it was cool and said they just wanted to look around... I said that's fine, but to please be respectful of all of the equipment, because it belonged to several businesses in the community. I also asked that they don't play with the toys (ping pong, pool, foosball, etc.). They understood and didn't take issue with that request.
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All of the above. It will take multiple approaches to educating the people. 
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Peter Owen

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My card isn't working today... any known issues?
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Let me know, +Peter Owen
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SLOW and could use some training on customer service. 12th street is much better.
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I had heard terrible things about Monarch Dental; however, my appointment was great! They moved me through quickly because I needed to return to work. Financial processing was simple enough. Dr. Austad had great tips and advice and I look forward to returning.
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My parents have been going to this business for years. Now my wife and I drive all the way from North Ogden to Roy for their service. We know we can count on them. They know what they are doing and provide great service! My favorite thing is that no matter the level of service, my vehicle is always vaccumed when I go to pick it up. Highly recommended.
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