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Peter Ohmann
Just the doctor, thank you.
Just the doctor, thank you.
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Happy Pi minute!

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary gets a special Google Doodle game!

Looks like it's not in the US yet, but it's on UK Google.

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CSI: Crash Scene Investigation
Lightweight Control-Flow Instrumentation and Postmortem Analysis in Support of Debugging
Awarded: ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

Paper preprint:
Public code release:

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Exciting day yesterday for human rights!  Congrats to the folks in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.

A special applause to my stomping grounds (MN) on defeating Amendment 1.

A word from the unwise:

Always run memtest first.  I know that, like me, you may for whatever reason think you're smarter than the tool and just know that it's a motherboard problem because you're seeing SATA driver problems...You know what, though?  Like me, you just might be wrong.

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5 years seems optimistic, but I hope he's right.  Driving: the most boring and monotonous---yet horribly irritating--activity on the planet.

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Wanted to share a very useful gcc and clang feature for tracing function calls/returns.  I've started using it for some function profiling in my own work.

Props to  +Francesco Balducci for the blog post.
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