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Periodic reminder: my (Blogger-based) blog is my primary info item-sharing channel for now, until Google fully integrates Blogger and Google+
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Ever thought about pushing the design of your blog?
Always open to suggestions; what do you have in mind?
you've got tons of content, but it's organized like a beginner blog. most people don't realize how much you can customize a blogger site; we could turn your site into an exceptionally designed and organized news portal, just as well architected as the best newspaper site. not sure what your goals are with the site, or your readership levels, but please give this a read and if it interests you, give me a call :)
Thanks -- I'll check it out ASAP. In the meantime, what's your sense of how/when Google will converge Blogger and Google+, and what advice do you have in terms of criteria for determining when to post to Google+ rather than a traditional blog?
This might sound like a cop-out from the question, but I really believe they are two separate apples/oranges products that have a slight overlap, but it all depends on what your content strategy goals are in determining which is the right/best platform for you.

I think if posts are meant to be one-offs, then maybe Google+ is better suited, but if 1 post should lead a reader to 10 other posts, and engage in other ways, Blogger is better suited. Blogger is a site, Google+ is a feed.
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