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Peter N Andreasen
Software Engineer, MScEE. Interested in embedded software, philosophy, and good coffee.
Software Engineer, MScEE. Interested in embedded software, philosophy, and good coffee.

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I used to have a C++ problem. Then I learned design patterns. Now I have a ProblemFactory.

Er en G+ gruppe for ateister ikke lidt lige som en gruppe for folk som ikke spiller tennis?

Der er faldet dom over nogle Uber chauffører. Nu ser jeg frem til at sugardating kriminaliseres, for hvis gymnasiepiger får drinks og iPhones for sex uden at betale skat, så går det ud over den etablerede og yderst velregulerede prostitutionsbranche.

Question about delay on poweroff:
On Fedora 24 KDE I have a 90 second delay when I shut down the computer. If I log out first, I don't have the delay. If I reboot, it is not consistent. The only information I get is "a stop job is running for session c1 of user..." Can anyone tell me how to find out which process is causing this delay? Or even better of course, how to fix it.

After I updated to Fedora 24 KDE, I got  a problem with VLC: When I open a file on  a NAS through Dolphin (an smb:// url) , it asks me for username and password 3 times and then fails. I can open any other file on the NAS, just not media files with VLC. There was a similar problem with LibreOffice  2 years ago, don't know if it is related. Any ideas?

I would characterise the language Scala as Syntax Terror

I just updated to Fedora 24 KDE from 23. Now images viewed in Gwenview have wrong colours. If I open an image in any other program, it looks normal. Any ideas?

I just tried the beta release of Fedora 24 KDE in a VirtualBox and it works fine so far, but... The Apper program which is installed by default as the only graphical software installation program, is still broken. It can search for a package to install by name only. All the nice icons with categories do nothing. I have already heard the explanation (gnome did this not our fault) but it has been two years now! Why can OpenSuse and KUbuntu make an Apper that works and Fedora can't? And why not at least replace Apper with something that works - such as yumex-dnf - if it can not be fixed?

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I bought a DIY kit from China. Oscilloscope with 12 bit resolution, 200kHz. Simple but amazing value for money (around $18).
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Jeg har løst spørgsmålet om de 35 milliarder til nye kampfly. Mit forslag er at vi outsourcer opgaven til Kina. Så kan vi bare ringe og sige "vi skal have bombet IS i Syrien på onsdag; vi vil gerne have 4 luft-til-jord og 30 klyngebomber tak". Det vil være langt billigere og så er levering inkluderet i prisen.
Selv tak.
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