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Peter McClintock

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The Path Ahead

Shot at dusk in Sion Park on a visit to the Enchanted Woodland event.
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Peter McClintock

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Enchanted Woodland - Sion Park

We went to Sion Park on Sunday evening to photograph the Enchanted Woodland. On the way out you go through The Great Conservatory where there is a laser light show.

This animation was created with the fish-eye adapter on my Sony A6000. I took 20 shots of the display and loaded them into Photoshop as layers. I created a frame animation and inserted either one or two transition frames between each frame depending on how dramatic the frame change was.
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Love it! This worked so well.... Fisheye strikes again! Great post-processing x 
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Peter McClintock

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Found this little fellow at ZSL London Zoo. It was a rainy day so the only photo opportunities were in doors.

BTW. Really not happy with what Google are doing to Google+. Now another feature has gone. It used to be possible to add a photo to an album as you were sharing it. This appears to be another casualty. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know.
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+Calle Söderberg Thanks; this is encouraging. But you would think a company like google would not release an update to a produce millions of people use until it is ready for prime-time. You have, however, given me a little hope :)
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Peter McClintock

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Memories of Mexico

#sonyalpha   #a6000   #mirrorless   #hdr   #hdrphotography   #beer   #light  
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Under the table Peter from too much beer !!!
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Peter McClintock

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Tiger in sheltering from the rain and relaxing.
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Dear +Peter McClintock ,
Your photo has been shared on +Photo Mania UK, curated by Hans-Juergen Werner, Walli Veeser and Chandro Ji  (Photo Mania UK  is a part of +Photo Mania Global). There you will find a selection of the finest Photographs  of UK photographers.  Come around and have a look - We are looking forward to your visit!
Congratulations and best wishes
Hans-Juergen Werner
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Peter McClintock

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Sion Park - The Great Conservatory

This was shot during the Enchanted Woodland event where the conservatory is the location for an amazing laser light show.
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Nice purple tones throughout... You're catching it from my AWB - definitely the money shot 😋
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Peter McClintock

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Even the giraffes stay mostly indoors on a wet day.

Caption anyone?
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Peter McClintock

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Evening on the Beach

Making the most of the last hour of daylight.

#hdr   #hdrphotography   #landscapephotography   #mexico   #playadelcarmen   #beach   #seascape  
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Peter McClintock

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Auto Exposure and Contrast

Many already know that if you hold down Shift and double-click the Whites or Black sliders Lightroom will automatically set them according to the white or black point for the image, however, did you know that you can also do this with the Exposure and Contrast sliders.

This can be useful when you want an auto setting for one slider but do not Lightroom to do a full Auto on all sliders.
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Neither do I. Thanks.
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Peter McClintock

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To the Sea

Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
#hdr   #hdrphotography  
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Amateur photographer. Been at it for many many years and still learning.

I am an amateur photographer living in Berkshire, England. In general I am a landscape photographer, but also enjoy travel photography, urban and architecture. 

I recently acquired a Phantom 2 Quadcopter and have mounted my GoPro Hero 3 Black. I am learning both to fly the drone, and to shoot photos and video with the GoPro.

I'm not promoting anything, just trying to be helpful by sharing my experience. I do, however, appreciate feedback, so please say hello, add comments and share my posts.

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