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Just had a run in the forest.
Trying to get in a somewhat decent shape. Going to lay of the smokes too before too long....
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just checked nope it ain't the first of April - So good luck my friend :) The hard part is going to be the smokes 
it sure is!
I work best, when hating, so I am beginning to build up hate towards the smokes;-)
Round is a shape too you know. Good luck with the addiction. I lost a lot of family to cigarettes.
And there really is no excuse to keep on smoking. It is just that some cigarettes really are lifesavers, the rest are just a burden.
Just remember to focus on the addiction, and not the cigarettes. I don't think Nicorette is an answer. It's just another addiction. Good luck.
Nicorette = sucks I used it first time I tried to stop, didn't help much 
Oh damn... You guys just killed one of my means to stop.

I might go to the doctor and get some prescriptive medicine. I have heard good things.
My mother meet with acupuncture and got 3 needles in the left ear that "cured" her
I can poke your right arm for free if it helps :)
I've read that the best way is to learn yor body to step down. The body don't like change. By stepping down gently, the body won't fight back as hard. If you smoke 10 a day, step down to 9. When you feel comfortable with that, step down to 8 and so on. Make it ok to smoke the 8, if that's what you've reached.
You sure would be a horrible jedi. That was a sith quotation from the emperor ... :-)
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