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Mobile-friendly D-Day: Don't forget relevancy...
Well today is the day: 21st April, on which Google have told us that, "we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking  signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages  worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results." (see

So, what should we expect today? Will the mobile search results world face an apocalypse?! Well, as of 10am this morning in the UK, nothing has changed, but I expect we will begin to see changes in Google's mobile search results as the day  or perhaps days following roll out. But one important thing we need to have in mind amidst all the excitement and hype is the word "relevancy".

Relevancy is essential for useful search and it's why Google Search has consistently beaten its competition and drawn more and more users over the years. Relevancy can be defined in many forms, e.g. where you search from, what you search on and of course not to ignore what you are searching for, but ultimately Google's focus is to make sure you get the best answers for your query. Those relevant results will be based on many factors, just one of which, on a mobile device, will be mobile-friendliness.

Just because you have a new whizz-bang mobile-friendly website it does not mean your site will see a significant boost in search results on a mobile. The information you provide on your website pages need to provide relevant answers to the questions people are asking on a mobile (which for a mobile may in part be location or device specific), just as they would for someone searching on a regular computer. Please note: a mobile-friendly website offers no guarantees.

So today, on Mobile-Friendly D-Day, don't forget relevancy. It's far more important.
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Peter Lunn

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One Mission, Four Rowers, 2500 miles to raise £100,000
"Oh how I do like to be beside the seaside" and I am lucky to live and work not far from the sea in my home town of Bournemouth (UK). But, the sea in a 26 year old rowing boat for 100 days is not where I would want to be!

So instead our business +Cracking Media (that's us with the rowers below) is working with and sponsoring four brave and slightly crazy speedo-endowed rowers for +UK Charity Row 2015 to help raise £100,000 for +Wessex Cancer Trust and the +Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund by rowing around the UK.

You can find out more and help sponsor too at

Only 2 weeks to go 
Only 2 weeks left until the 4 men in speedos head off round the Uk in a 26 year old row boat for charity! We met up with the rowers last week to get some pictures with the sponsors. Please support +UK Charity Row 2015!
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Congrats and wishing the team smooth, fast and powerful rowing!! 
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Google to buyout Twitter - rumours...
The Guardian have reported this morning that Google are rumoured to be ready to buy Twitter causing Twitter stock to rise yesterday by 4%. I think additional speculation by The Guardian about Google+ (see the last paragraph of the news report) is wide of the mark, but it will be interesting to see how this story evolves...

h/t +Cracking Media 
Could Google be in line to buy Twitter?
Twitter's stock price rose 4% yesterday amidst a rumour that Google is looking to buy the social network. Rumours are of course rumours, but Twitter declined to comment on the news about this causing the 4% rise.

+The Guardian suggests in its conclusion to this article that Google has "dropped its emphasis on social networking, reducing its push for Google+" but that does not entirely fit with what Google has been doing with Google+. It also completely ignores how important gathering and using data from the social web is to Google's ongoing drive for semantic search.

This rumoured moved of acquisition comes after an agreement was announced in February between Google and Twitter for the search giant to have access to more Twitter data in real-time. So Google's intentions for incorporating more social date in search are clear and very much alive, but it will be interesting to see if this now takes a big step forward.

What are your thoughts?
Market watcher’s unsubstantiated rumours of a Google takeover of Twitter leads to stock price rise, but is an acquisition likely?
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+Phil Aston 1500 ghosts that's v spooky and well deserved as your pics are fab! G+ is the best social network ever and although I'm not a Twitter fan I am finding some interest there BECAUSE of the connections I've made on plus, it makes it feel more real.

I think Twitter and Google could be an interesting union and sorry I'm late to the commenting but it's always good to read an engaging thread :)
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Patchwork Pictures from the Lake District
This photograph was taken on a boat trip in August 2014 on Ullswater Lake, the second largest lake in the Lake District being 9 miles long and ¾ mile wide. As with other lakes there, they draw and form dramatic clouds that make for some wonderful backdrops to the rich green  terrain.

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Great shot of those clouds in their fecundity just ready to make the greenery more so.
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Peter Lunn

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Do you use Wordpress and the Yoast SEO plugin?
Then you need to take notice that there has been a security hole discovered that opens a door to SQL Injection to hack your site. It's recommended that you upgrade asap.
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Peter Lunn

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Mobile-Friendly is now going to be even more important
Google has announced today that as of 21 April 2015 a site's mobile-friendliness will become a ranking factor in search results served on mobile devices.

In November last year Google added a mobile-friendly tag to their search results to mark web pages returned in the results that Google could determine were mobile-friendly. Whilst a large part of a page being determined as mobile-friendly will be if the site it is part of uses responsive design, that isn't the only mobile-friendly determining factor.

You can read more about how to ensure your website's pages are determined as mobile-friendly by visiting Google's blog here: and use their helpful mobile-friendly testing tool here:
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Thanks for the heads up +Peter Lunn 
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Have him in circles
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How does your business and town look on Google Maps?
If you think about it, where would we be without signposts and maps? Without them we can easily get lost, but have you ever considered how important it is for people to be able to find your business - and not get lost?!

Google Maps and the Google My Business platform provide a great opportunity for businesses to not just be found, but also share useful information about themselves (e.g. what you do to help your customers, opening time, photos, videos etc).

So how does your business look on the map and also perhaps how do businesses in your town look on the map? And importantly, how should you go about it?

Starting in November 2014, a group of Google+ professionals (+Debi Davis, +Sanjiv Manifest, +Cherie Manifest, +Tim Sweeney, +Nina Trankova, +Vin Brown and +Rey Ley, along with "yours truly") based across the world - in the USA, Mexico, Europe and Australia - got together on a project to help get the small town of Eagle, Colorado on Google Maps. In particular, this was to help the businesses of Eagle to better market themselves in preparation for the 2015 FSI Alpine World Ski Championships which was going to taking in place in Vail (20 miles away) in February 2015.

This Case Study charts the journey we went on in helping the businesses and town of Eagle to better use Google Maps and Google My Business. It records the process we went through, what worked and what didn't, warts and all. We hope this Case Study and our story will help you better get your business and even your town on the map!

#OnTheMap   #GoogleMyBusiness   #GoogleLocalBusiness     #EagleCO  
Local businesses are the primary providers of locally consumed products and services. But businesses must be on Google Maps for customers to find them!
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Rey Ley
I totally agree, I loved the members work ethic and commitment.
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Patchwork Pictures from the Lake District
The sun sets over Derwentwater in the Lake District, UK. Skirted by rolling hills and countryside, at the northern edge of the three mile long Derwentwater lies the popular town of Keswick.
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Stunning pic +Peter Lunn - I feel very out of touch, been so bound up with a project so it's about time I got back on G+ roll. Hope life is good with you :) 
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Patchwork Pictures from the Lake District
Blencathra is one of the most northerly and most popular mountains for walkers in the Lake District. It can be a long trek to the top and I didn't make it all the way, but this photo taken from less than halfway up (I made it 3/4 of the way) shows how the world below very quickly turns into miniature.

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+Phil Aston yes, you're right, although my biggest recollection on what was a sunny summer day in August 2014 was how cold it was and increasingly so the higher you went...brrr!
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Businesses move to be mobile-friendly in the slow lane?
With just 3 weeks to go until the date 21 April when Google will begin to use the mobile-friendliness of sites as a ranking signal in mobile search results, the results of a site check conducted by +Cracking Media show that moving to mobile-friendly is not moving fast - yet!

Google announced 5 weeks ago ( that as of 21 April mobile-friendliness "will have a significant impact in our search results". As Google goes they are pretty dramatic words, but at the moment with just 53% of business sites in this check of top 10 mobile search results reported as 'mobile-friendly' there's a lot of sites that still have to make that move.

Of course only 5 weeks on from Google's announcement it's early days for businesses to switch to be mobile-friendly, but this has been flagged up as an important factor for some time by Google.

It will be interesting to review what happens post 21 April.
Are businesses making the move to be mobile friendly?
A few months ago, Google announced they were marking which websites were ‘mobile friendly’ with a tag alongside the name of the site. This meant mobile users could select a site which would be easy to navigate on a mobile device. We did some research in December 2014 to see how many businesses had made the step to having a mobile friendly website and the results at the time were quite mixed. 

Three months on, the results show little or no general increase in sites that are mobile friendly. That would suggest that either businesses haven’t got the message about the forthcoming ranking impact for non mobile friendly sites in mobile searches (as from 21st April) or maybe businesses are in the process of making those changes now?

Restaurants and hotels with mobile friendly sites figure quite strongly in the top 10 mobile search results, but guest houses - perhaps with lower budgets to spend - are lagging well behind. For the rest, apart from web designers and internet marketing companies, the  percentage of mobile friendly sites tends to be around 50%. 

All of this suggests that for mobile savvy businesses who make the move to go mobile friendly with their website, a good opportunity to be found in mobile search results is open to them.

Have you made the move to go mobile friendly yet? How mobile friendly is the competition in your businesses sector? 

Click the chart below to see the results in more detail and let us know your thoughts...

#mobilefriendly   #mobilesearch   #internetmarketing  
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I agree +Alan Stainer and +Phil Aston, it's a light that has dawned on us, but for most business owners the importance will have passed them by - that is if they have heard about it at all. As web developers there's a sense perhaps where we may be concerned that we are perceived as trying to cream off our clients for more work.

That said at £60K for a responsive upgrade I think I am being too kind. Phil, I am more than happy to do that upgrade for you for £48K over 12 monthly instalments :) 
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Could Google's Fact Rank help smart but 'small' people?
Google's semantic search and the ever expanding web of things not strings introduced two years ago with their Knowledge Graph continues to revolutionise the information we can access. Now with the prospect of an addition to Google's ranking algorithm that would help to promote more factual and likely therefore more authoritative content, Google Search should produce even better results.

Historically, the authority and therefore ranking of a web page has to some extent been evaluated on external measures, in particular links. Going forward, whilst inbound links will still have an important part to play their potency looks likely to continue to diminish. This Google research paper proposes that the authority of web content will additionally be attributed to by its inherent quality, that is from its factual accuracy or trustworthiness.

How long it will be before we begin to see this operating is not clear, but one thing I find particularly interesting is that is another step in levelling the playing field of the web and potentially will help surface authoritative content from smart yet small people.

What I mean by small is people who perhaps may not be so well connected to be known, but are nevertheless experts in their field, even if that is on a mainly local level.

This change is aimed to help promote content because of its quality and trustworthiness. That will also mean the bar will be raised on the importance for business owners to create and publish quality content on their website. I think that has to be a good thing, don't you?
Will Google someday rank web pages based on how accurate they are? A new paper suggests they might.
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+Peter Lunn​ thank you your thoughts. Your explanation is great.
I am very excited as we continue to see these types of changes that we have been anticipating rolled out. As I work with a lot of SMBs I really appreciate how this opens up the playing field. Of course, it does still require that they (1) are experts who know what they are and (2) actually find ways for that expertise to be expressed online. I think the second one there is where many get hung up. They believe that because they are experts they should rise to the top and receive lots of attention. However, if the have not demonstrated that online (in ways that are visible to search engines) they are going to struggle.
I think the running is going to be interesting here. Long have we discussed this type of change, especially in semantic search discussions, but it has often felt like some of this is taking longer than anticipated to roll out.
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Does your Google account need a security check...
...AND 2GB extra free space?
To mark celebrate Safer Internet Day earlier this week, Google are recommending you run a security check on your account to check everything is ticketyboo!  And as an extra incentive for you to do this before 17th February, Google will also reward you with 2GB of extra FREE storage on your account... What are you waiting for?!

h/t to +Shane Board for the heads up on this :)
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Oh, I wonder if it works for brand pages with passwords...
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Love being involved in digital marketing ... video, photo, web, search engine optimisation and social media... Cracking Media. Life-long fan of AFC Bournemouth
I have over 25 years experience in web, video and photography.

Specialties: Digital Media covering Video Production, Photography, Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Networking training and consultancy, Google+ enthusiast.

I love working with business owners to better understand their business and their products or services to help them better reach their target market.

These days, there's so much you can do to market your business online, but online marketing is more than a series of checkboxes you need to tick off as done,,.

Website - check. Promotional Video - check. Joined up and posting on social media - check. Kitchen sink - check... OK, forget the kitchen sink!

But seriously, it's important to identify how to best reach your target market: Who are they? What questions are they asking and what problems do they need solving? If you know the answers to those questions then you can be focussed on understanding your customer, answering their questions and providing solutions that more fully meet their needs.

I jointly own Cracking Media specialising in promotional video production, photography and website design including search engine optimisation and social networking training and consultancy.

Cracking Media work with SMEs, corporates, charitable and public sector organisations, helping them to promote their products and services through engaging digital media.

Better not hang around... you Better Get Cracking!

When I am not involved in most things digital and web-related, my favourite pastime is watching my local football team AFC Bournemouth with my son. I've been watching them since my Dad first took me to a match when I was 8 years old. There's plenty of ups and downs as a fan of the Cherries, but I wouldn't support any other team.

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Responsible for developing the match action graphics in teletext mode for the original 'Football Manager' game on the BBC Micro
Joint owner of Cracking Media
Digital Marketing: Promotional video production, photography, website design, search engine optimisation, social media including Google+
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