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Do you use Wordpress and the Yoast SEO plugin?
Then you need to take notice that there has been a security hole discovered that opens a door to SQL Injection to hack your site. It's recommended that you upgrade asap.
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Peter Lunn

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Mobile-Friendly is now going to be even more important
Google has announced today that as of 21 April 2015 a site's mobile-friendliness will become a ranking factor in search results served on mobile devices.

In November last year Google added a mobile-friendly tag to their search results to mark web pages returned in the results that Google could determine were mobile-friendly. Whilst a large part of a page being determined as mobile-friendly will be if the site it is part of uses responsive design, that isn't the only mobile-friendly determining factor.

You can read more about how to ensure your website's pages are determined as mobile-friendly by visiting Google's blog here: and use their helpful mobile-friendly testing tool here:
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Thanks for the heads up +Peter Lunn 
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A Week of Free SEO Webinars coming up...
The good people at +SEMrush are hosting a series of Free SEO Webinars from Monday 9th February - all accessible via just one registration form providing access to all sessions and recorded webinars including a session with +martin shervington talking on How to build a content marketing strategy using G+.

The sessions are:
• Live Roundtable
• Link building for the future - what to do and what to avoid
• How to build a content marketing strategy using G+
• Keyword Research
• Brand authority
• Live SEO Audit

Seems like there's some webinars here not to miss and even if you do the sessions are being recorded
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+Peter Lunn no worries, we recorded everything :) 
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Peter Lunn

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Look what just appeared on my bookshelf...
Recommended reading from +David Amerland​​ and now reading via the Amazon Kindle app on my Nexus 7 :)
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Soooo definitely buying this right now! Thanks Peter! (And, well, of course, David, too!) :-)
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Peter Lunn

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Could Twitter's new Group Messaging add a new flavour to Tweet Chats?
Twitter's announcement today confirming the previously rumoured Group Messaging and rolling out over the next few days looks like a great update to the platform. 

Now you will be able to gather together a group of people to tweet together privately. OK, this isn't quite a Tweet Chat as it's been known, but it's an interesting reworking of it where people don't want to carry out their tweet conversation in public around a particular hashtag.

I'm not a great lover of Twitter I'll be honest, but I think this has great potential to increase conversation and engagement. It's not easy to carry out a conversation in 140 character chunks, but this should definitely make it easier to engage with those who want to talk together most.

Is this something you will use? What applications do you think it could be used for?

In the same blog post Twitter has also announced a mobile video camera facility, but I think the Group Messaging facility is the most interesting addition to Twitter as we know it. :)

Thanks to +James Dearsley for sharing and pinging a queen of Twitter +Donna Beckett :)
Now this could be an interesting development as Twitter opens up Group Direct Messaging and video......

A h/t to +Jeff Sieh for bringing my attention to this but also to +Andrij Harasewych as I know this could be of interest for tomorrow..... 
A fun new way to send private messages on Twitter – in a group – plus a mobile video camera to capture life as it happens.
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+Donna Beckett I have to say that I rarely look at DM's for the reasons you listed. SO limiting and lots of spam.... and you know my opinions on spammers! lol
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Peter Lunn

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How to Spread Your Company's Social Profile in Search Results
Celebrities have been getting it for a while, now brands have been getting it and your company can get it too! By adding some markup code to your company's website you can include links to your company's social profile in search results through the Knowledge Graph. 

You can see an example for +Cadbury below which if searched for in Google show links to their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube profiles.

To find out how to do this, go here:

Thanks to +Zineb Ait Bahajji from Google for the info.
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Well, that sounds exciting +Phil Aston and glad it helped to resolve another issue. A couple of weeks on from adding the necessary code, our company social profiles are not showing yet on our Knowledge Graph in search. I guess it's going to take some time to roll out, but wondering if anyone is seeing success with this yet?
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Have him in circles
2,377 people
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Could Google's Fact Rank help smart but 'small' people?
Google's semantic search and the ever expanding web of things not strings introduced two years ago with their Knowledge Graph continues to revolutionise the information we can access. Now with the prospect of an addition to Google's ranking algorithm that would help to promote more factual and likely therefore more authoritative content, Google Search should produce even better results.

Historically, the authority and therefore ranking of a web page has to some extent been evaluated on external measures, in particular links. Going forward, whilst inbound links will still have an important part to play their potency looks likely to continue to diminish. This Google research paper proposes that the authority of web content will additionally be attributed to by its inherent quality, that is from its factual accuracy or trustworthiness.

How long it will be before we begin to see this operating is not clear, but one thing I find particularly interesting is that is another step in levelling the playing field of the web and potentially will help surface authoritative content from smart yet small people.

What I mean by small is people who perhaps may not be so well connected to be known, but are nevertheless experts in their field, even if that is on a mainly local level.

This change is aimed to help promote content because of its quality and trustworthiness. That will also mean the bar will be raised on the importance for business owners to create and publish quality content on their website. I think that has to be a good thing, don't you?
Will Google someday rank web pages based on how accurate they are? A new paper suggests they might.
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+Peter Lunn​ thank you your thoughts. Your explanation is great.
I am very excited as we continue to see these types of changes that we have been anticipating rolled out. As I work with a lot of SMBs I really appreciate how this opens up the playing field. Of course, it does still require that they (1) are experts who know what they are and (2) actually find ways for that expertise to be expressed online. I think the second one there is where many get hung up. They believe that because they are experts they should rise to the top and receive lots of attention. However, if the have not demonstrated that online (in ways that are visible to search engines) they are going to struggle.
I think the running is going to be interesting here. Long have we discussed this type of change, especially in semantic search discussions, but it has often felt like some of this is taking longer than anticipated to roll out.
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Does your Google account need a security check...
...AND 2GB extra free space?
To mark celebrate Safer Internet Day earlier this week, Google are recommending you run a security check on your account to check everything is ticketyboo!  And as an extra incentive for you to do this before 17th February, Google will also reward you with 2GB of extra FREE storage on your account... What are you waiting for?!

h/t to +Shane Board for the heads up on this :)
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Oh, I wonder if it works for brand pages with passwords...
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One World Ski Event, One Small Town and One Group of Google+ers...
Yesterday in Vail, Colorado the 2015 FIS World Ski Championships began. In the UK we don't get much snow - even if we talk about it a lot when it happens - and consequently, Great Britain is not very successful when it comes to skiing :(

But this world event involves a lot more than just a whole ton of snow and 150,000 people descending on Vail for the big event. It's significant too for the small town of Eagle, about 25 miles down the road from Vail, and a small team of Google Plussers (from all over the world, just like the skiers) headed by +Debi Davis who have been working hard on a project to help 15 businesses in Eagle to claim, verify, optimise and socialise their Google My Business pages - and to be properly visible on Google Maps.

So, in wishing great skiing and good luck to skiers from all over the world - especially Team GB :) - a very big well done to the small team of fabulous Google Plussers (brought together through +Plus Your Business!) involved in getting Eagle on the Map.

#EagleCo   #Vail2015   #PlusYourBusiness  

Thanks to +Cherie Manifest for this post and also a big h/t to +Nina Trankova who has been positively prolific with posting on Google+ for this project., but also to the other +EagleCO Vail2015 project team members, who have been great to work with.

P.S. Coincidentally,  looking out of my window this morning, I see our first and possibly only dusting of snow this winter... where's my skis! :)
Let the races begin! 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships In Vail Official Ladies’ DH Training (1) Monday, February 2 at 1:30pm MST

See results Live Here: #Vail2015  

Women Racers to watch: Lindsey Vonn (USA), Anna Fenninger (AUT), Tina Maze (SLO)

One of the most exciting events in alpine ski racing, Downhill racers attempt to be the fastest one down the mountain through a minimum number of control gates.  Speeds in Downhill often exceed 80 mph on major courses and require a hill with at least a 750 meter vertical drop.

Enjoy the races! +EagleCO Vail2015 

BTW ...The Town of Eagle, CO is just up the road.Visit #EagleCO and enjoy the friendly folks, great food, shopping, spa, yoga, indoor and outdoor fun ... and more :-)

#Vail2015    Race Info: 

Thanks to +Debi Davis. Here's the Twitter list of the athletes:
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I can't put even a dot on the stamp for video content and editing, for example:-) The team collaboration and meeting you +Peter Lunn​ and the other awesome team members is for my best learning аnd change of perspective.
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Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free on Android tablets
As posted by Microsoft today, "Now you can create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents for free on your Android tablet. Download the real Microsoft Office apps from the Google Play store today."

Google's Docs and Sheets apps are great because of their ease of use and collaborative features. They're are a lot simpler than their Microsoft equivalents - and in many cases, they are all that you need. But, if you need a lot more bells and whistles, then Office may well be your business tool of choice.

Do you use Word, Excel and PowerPoint or have you abandoned them. If you haven't will you use these free Android apps?
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+Vivekananda Baindoor Rao​​​​ I'm not sure what you mean about Google products being more suited to those who are always responsible for their actions? Are you talking about them not needing to be installed because they are cloud-based? What has that to do though with responsibility and action by employees? Google took a lead with cloud apps of course but that's true though now of Office 365 for Business in that no-one needs to have Office software installed on their computer. From +Paul Newport​​​​'s example from his company and what +Mark Stronge​​​​ said about Pricewaterhouse, corporates are certainly not shy to ditch Office and in doing so I guess they must be convinced that productivity isn't affected by doing so either.
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Google Analytics: is it the missing breadmaker in your business?
If you look at the tools you use in your business, I would guess that for many businesses, Google Analytics is a tool they have, but very rarely use, or at least, rarely use well, much beyond checking visitor and page views to their site. Yet GA can do a whole lot more than that and can help you to better monitor and measure your online marketing activity in ways that perhaps you have never realised.

So if Google Analytics is a bit like the breadmaker you bought for your home a few years ago which is stuck away in the cupboard and has never been used to its full potential, it's time to dust it down and dive into this large box of resources provided by the good people at +kissmetrics.
We’ve collected the ultimate guide to over 150 Google Analytics resources you can use, including the top official Google Analytics channels, Google Analytics integrations & tools.
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Thank you very much +Beth Lee Browning :)
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Peter Lunn

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Google axes Glass as we know it - where does it go from here?
Just being reported by BBC News... an interesting piece of news and a bold move by Google. There's no doubt more to come though as Google insists it is still committed to launching the smart glasses as a consumer product, but will stop producing Glass in its present form. Its focus will now be on "future versions of Glass".

I must admit that whilst I love the idea of Google Glass I could never quite see myself wearing them - in the form they have been released. So maybe, that's a big reason why they have axed Glass as it is.

What are your thoughts?
Google ends its current Glass programme saying it wants to concentrate on future versions of the wearable device.
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Now +Artema (Goal Centred Accounting) Ltd​ - that would be perfect!
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Love being involved in digital marketing ... video, photo, web, search engine optimisation and social media... Cracking Media. Life-long fan of AFC Bournemouth
I have over 25 years experience in web, video and photography.

Specialties: Digital Media covering Video Production, Photography, Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Networking training and consultancy, Google+ enthusiast.

I love working with business owners to better understand their business and their products or services to help them better reach their target market.

These days, there's so much you can do to market your business online, but online marketing is more than a series of checkboxes you need to tick off as done,,.

Website - check. Promotional Video - check. Joined up and posting on social media - check. Kitchen sink - check... OK, forget the kitchen sink!

But seriously, it's important to identify how to best reach your target market: Who are they? What questions are they asking and what problems do they need solving? If you know the answers to those questions then you can be focussed on understanding your customer, answering their questions and providing solutions that more fully meet their needs.

I jointly own Cracking Media specialising in promotional video production, photography and website design including search engine optimisation and social networking training and consultancy.

Cracking Media work with SMEs, corporates, charitable and public sector organisations, helping them to promote their products and services through engaging digital media.

Better not hang around... you Better Get Cracking!

When I am not involved in most things digital and web-related, my favourite pastime is watching my local football team AFC Bournemouth with my son. I've been watching them since my Dad first took me to a match when I was 8 years old. There's plenty of ups and downs as a fan of the Cherries, but I wouldn't support any other team.

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Responsible for developing the match action graphics in teletext mode for the original 'Football Manager' game on the BBC Micro
Joint owner of Cracking Media
Digital Marketing: Promotional video production, photography, website design, search engine optimisation, social media including Google+
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