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Words have amazing power
How will you use your words today?

Image created in Notegraphy - h/t to +Kath Dawson for her share about the app - available for Android and iOS.
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+Peter Lunn Awesome example and a timely reminder

Semantics is redefining meaning in ways that we'd never felt possible. Who would have ever known that love was the linguistic mirror of evil.

Yes, good is good but love is better.

The first person that ever saw a seed grow would've been convinced it was a miracle, and it was and still is.

It still provides the best example of growth on the planet. In most cases we're talking about a metric of 10,000% at the minimum. Yet we only lightly perceive this as a miracle today.

Words are those seeds and if we listen to what is being said to us (much like the Googlebot)  these seeds will plant within us and others to produce a crop that was beyond what we were ever expecting.

Every word is structurally interlinked through linguistics just like the internet connects everything up in a similar node like fashion. There are back-links and subtle associations that our eyes cannot even perceive in a single glance, but they're there.

We know some of these hidden subtleties because we created our semantic database on the foundation of these linguistic links over a 10 year period not knowing what lay ahead.

Now with the sudden advent of an enhanced semantic meaning online, thanks to the likes of +David Amerland words are now being collated into the Knowledge Graph in new and exciting ways. 

The +Google+  AI will even eventually isolate and restore words that have had their meanings distorted such as the word "pathetic" which will be redefined in the Knowledge Graph solely through it's semantic cousins 'empathetic' and 'sympathetic'.  

Just as love defines it's opposite as being evil, our understanding is enhanced by these simple truths and the rapid growth of semantics in this current age.
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Peter Lunn

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History in the Making: British Pathé news
The entire archive of British Pathé news can now be viewed on

What a wonderful collection of events captured on film. A lot of what was recorded were tragic stories, but the collection gives us a fabulous thread through the last 100+ years, many of them events that changed our world.

h/t to +Glen Thomas for sharing.
Oh. If you are a history buff...
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Thanks +Aline Boundy. I think I'm lost in there already, so if you bump into me I hope you know the way out!
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Google+ Hangouts for Business by +David Amerland now available for download.

Google have put social right at the centre of social media with Google+, but there is probably one thing that is more 'social' than anything we have seen on any social media channel before... Google+ Hangouts.

Google+ Hangouts present a unique marketing opportunity for any business. This eBook, written by Google Semantic Search author, David Amerland promises to explain the what, why and how.

I'm looking forward to reading it...
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Just started reading it last night. Loads of good info there. 
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Peter Lunn

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What essential elements do you need for content marketing?
Do you remember looking at the periodic table in school and thinking will this ever be useful to me? If I had become a chemist or something like that then I'm sure it would have done, but for everyone involved in digital marketing in some way - even for just our own site - then check out this very helpful Periodic Table of Content Marketing

h/t to +Brian Jensen for sharing.
The Periodic Table of Content Marketing. See the manual here: #contentmarketing
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That's great feedback, thank you +Chris Lake. A smörgåsbord (glad you spelt it so ably!) is a brilliant description and yes, I see it very much as a checklist and it is an excellent one.
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Peter Lunn

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Keyword targeting for SEO: 2014 style
During the era of the world wide web there's been an awful lot said about keywords and how you should and shouldn't use them in your web content for SEO. As such, so many of the tactics and techniques that worked in the past still do the rounds as the how-to of today.

In this very interesting and actionable Moz Whiteboard Friday, the much respected +Rand Fishkin tells it as it is today and also dispels some of the old hat SEO that is no longer effective.

The biggest takeaway is that SEO today is about producing unique and quality content that is relevant for your audience first and not for the search engines. And the great thing is if you do that, Google's new semantic search algorithm will love it too!
New Whiteboard Friday on Keyword Targeting

Today's WB Friday: features a bad hair day, alongside some best practices for dealing with keyword usage, and a revisit with our old friends keyword density (ugh, why won't it die?!) and keyword cannibalization (which I last wrote about many years ago).
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Google+ Circles: Are you stuck in a spin?
On one level, Circles in Google+ is one of the geniuses (genii if you like the plural spelt that way) of the platform. They are a brilliant way to help to organise the people you are interested in and set up notifications as to how much you want to hear from them.

But on another level, they can be extremely confusing. It's easy to go circle crazy and accumulate circles everywhere. Before you know it you are likely to be stuck in a spin and if you are not careful, drowning in a sea of notifications.

So, how should you use circles and set up notifications? Should your circles be topic-centred or based on how much you want to hear from people?

Whether you are a circle champion or just circle confused, here's a chance to find out some answers and ask some questions of your own. Come and watch the Great British Hangout today.
The Great British Hangout is getting together for the third time for three objectives:

1. Sharing our experiences & tips on managing circles & notifications
2. Learning more about hangouts as presenters, guests and viewers
3. Having some fun

Its open to a global audience of participants and guests as we know there is much to be learned from more experienced Plussers overseas but we want to encourage British Plussers who are new to join in so they can get some experience and perhaps run their own hangouts too.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Kath Dawson. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Google+ Circles: Are you stuck in a spin?
Today, April 23, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Peter Lunn

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Did you know that all marketers are liars?
Well I hope not all, but this is an intriguing title used by Seth Godin when speaking to Google a few years ago. You can find out Seth's slant on it by watching this video (48 mins).

Thanks to +martin shervington for sharing it.
"All Marketers are Liars" - Seth Godin speaks at Google
This was from 7 years ago and was recommended by YouTube. Very interesting to watch now...
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This is why +Seth Godin is a speaker, he knows his marketing in WORDS, since it is all about WORDS and EMOTIONS, apparently, used in different platforms +Peter Lunn :)
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How to make your content marketing work with semantic search
Writing great content for your business or organisation is as important if not more important than ever. But there's been something dawning that affects how you market your content which you need to know about...

It's called semantic search and it's hot on Google's agenda to make search work better for you, but more importantly for you - for your customers.

It's one thing to write great content, but if no-one can find it, then it's just great content that no-one ever reads.

So how do you make sure your content works for you in the new semantic search era? Best make a start by watching this Hangout on Air hosted by +Ryan Hanley with Google semantic search expert +David Amerland.
How to Harness Semantic Search
We just figured out regular search, now semantic search? What the heck?!

There is no doubt that semantic search is the future of search marketing and SEO. Terms such a Knowledge Graph, TrustRank and AuthorityRank are creeping into our vernacular. 

The old techniques of getting found in search aren't working. Everyone is becoming a "content marketer" with no real idea of what that actually means.

Thankfully, we have +David Amerland, the author of Google Semantic Search and Google+ Hangouts for Business to straighten us out.

In this week's episode of Content Warfare TV we're talking Semantic Search and Content Marketing. Don't miss it.

Learn more from David Amerland here:

If you're unable to attend the live event, subscribe below and never miss a new episode:

Youtube Subscribe link:
iTunes subscribe link:
Stitcher subscribe link:

#semanticsearch   #semanticweb   #contentmarketing   #contentwarfare  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ryan Hanley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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+Peter Lunn thank you for sharing! I'm very much looking forward to chatting with +David Amerland.
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Peter Lunn

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Could your smartphone + the power of Google result in better weather forecasts?
Here's an interesting one... Weather forecasts have been historically prone to... well poor forecasts:

But as smartphones get ever smarter these days and many even measure and record atmospheric pressure, what if that data was shared and collected from all over... i.e. millions of mini-weather stations? What then?

Thanks to +Bill Slawski for sharing this article and to also ping +David Amerland on this "big data" question. What could Google do with this?
If Google Tracked Pressure Sensor Information From Phones...

Weather forecasts could be significantly improved, save lives, and help people. While traffic estimation information from sensors is nice, this pressure data could be a world changer.
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+Peter Lunn there are other implications here thanks to the NSA/Snowden snafu that first have to be overcome before we go there. 
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Peter Lunn

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Best places to find free images online
There's nothing more to say really other than jump on over to +Dustin W. Stout's blog post where there are links to some very good sites to source free images.

h/t +martin shervington for resharing.
The Best Places to Find Free Images Online

I've scoured the internet searching relentlessly for the best resources for free images. I can tell you-- there's a lot of crappy sites out there. I've done my best though to save you time and potential frustration by listing the 16 best places online. 

Read the full list (and a special bonus) here:

Some of the listed resources include:
> PicJumbo
> Unsplash
> Gratisography

At the end of the post I also reveal a new project that allows me to ensure you have the highest quality resource for images online. I hope you enjoy.

Got any resources you'd add to the list?

#freeimages   #socialmedia   #dustntv  
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+Peter Lunn Yes, indeed, I looked into it further and it says not for online use....I'd remembered when they put their millions of images online some years back.  Although not free, could be a great source - even at a price I'm thinking.
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