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Google Search getting smarter every day through AI
According to an article published on Bloomberg today. Greg Corredo, a senior search scientist at Google has said that a "very large fraction" of the millions of queries a second that people type into Google Search are being interpreted by RankBrain. The article goes on to say that the system helps Google deal with the 15% of queries it gets a day that it's not seen before.

RankBrain has been working across all of Google Search since earlier this year. It's been just over two years since Google released Hummingbird and we've seen some big changes in search since then. With the huge amount of computing power available for machine learning I can only see the role of AI created search results continuing to grow and accelerate. It's going to be fascinating to see how this develops.
When Google-parent Alphabet Inc. reported eye-popping earnings last week its executives couldn’t stop talking up the company’s investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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Things changing so dramatically it boggles my mind +Peter Lunn!
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Peter Lunn

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Anything G+ can do, Twitter can do too - here come Twitter polls
Do you remember when Google added polls into G+ about a year ago now? They were a new whizzy add-on that a lot of people jumped on, but over time I have seen them used less and less.

Coming soon though, Twitter Polls will be flooding the Twittersphere, but rather than up to five choices on G+, Twitter will restrict them to two. It will be interesting to see if they gain more momentum than those on Google+.

But despite Twitter Polls being limited to two choices, will they be used more, perhaps because of the more succinct way Twitter works? What do you think?
Now it’s possible for everyone to create polls on Twitter.
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I agree +Phil Buckley there will be a falling away. +Alan Stainer yes, I can see that in communities with good engagement G+ polls can work really well. On the Twitter yes/no only options, I guess that is Twitter doing Twitter, i.e. limiting what people can do to keep things brief, but I agree with +Donna Beckett just having  yes/no probably limits their value too.
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Peter Lunn

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Worldwide mobile searches now exceed desktop...
Old news right? No, not exactly... whilst we've heard for some time now that people use their mobile device for search in preference to a desktop computer, the stats have been for some countries. The majority of global search has still leaned towards desktop... until now!

Now on a global level, mobile searches top desktop, but that doesn't mean that mobile is used more in all countries, just that the total searches worldwide are more on mobile.

But one closing thought from me... in an increasingly responsive website world don't forget relevance When push comes to shove as to when links to your web pages will be shown in search results, the relevance of a search result still outweighs whether it's mobile-friendly or not.
Google also says it has indexed 100 million links within apps.
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Peter Lunn

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Do you know what your marketing is doing?
In an age when marketing moves so fast, do you know what your marketing is doing? I love this video - anyone for Pluto?!

Thanks to +Adobe Marketing Cloud 
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Peter Lunn

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Twitter remove the 140-character limit on DMs
Twitter have been working hard to make their platform work better in recent months and today they have done it again. You can now tweeeeeeeeeeeeeet to your heart's content in Direct Messages.

Whilst Twitter public is hard to converse in 140 characters, now Twitter private via DMs makes conversation much more natural. I think it's an excellent change and one that makes closer engagement with those you are most connected to much simpler.
If you’ve checked your Direct Messages today, you may have noticed that something’s missing: the limitation of 140 characters. You can now chat on (and on) in a single Direct Message, a...
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Hi +Phil Buckley I've just sent you a >140 character DM via Tweetdeck that appears to have worked - have a look to see if it's unclipped as it's showing in full for me.
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Peter Lunn

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Google+ is not dead, but maybe it's being reincarnated...
Those of us who have been on Google+ for a while have lost count and certainly become fatigued by the Google+ is dying, dead, just a ghost town articles. These errant posts, mostly by tech journalists with nothing better to do than speculate through hype and hyperbole with little foundation on fact, have become boring!

But despite the untruths and misconceptions, there has been some basis for concern among the Google+ community. Since Vic Gundotra left in April last year, the G+ ship has steered into some choppy waters. That was until +Bradley Horowitz's recent blog post: declared that we should now expect "a more focused Google+ experience".

So putting the naysayers to death, G+ is well and truly alive and kicking and whilst the future will be different, I think there's a lot to look forward to.

If you want to know more then I recommend you take the very deep dive into this excellent in-depth article from +Mark Traphagen on Google+ past, present and some interesting thoughts on what the future might hold...
Will the New Google+ Focus Bring Success?
My latest for Marketing Land

In my latest +Marketing Land column I cover the history of Google+ and look at its three ghosts (couldn't resist): The Ghost of Google+ Past (the Gundotra Vision), The Ghost of Google+ Present (the year following Gundotra's departure), and The Ghost of Google+ Future (the recently announced changes under new head +Bradley Horowitz).

I give my take on why the recent changes have happened, add some speculation about what they might do with the new focus, and as always, give my opinion on what this means for marketers.

19 comments on original post
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"It needs to be something so radical, so dynamic, so different from what you can get anywhere else, that new people will want to be here." - totally agree +Mark Traphagen - the thing is can Google deliver that?

OK, I know we are talking about Google here, but their track record and outsiders perception of them in this arena would seem to make it harder. Perhaps they could have done that with live video streaming if Hangouts had been much easier to do and had done what Periscope, Meerkat and in particular what Blab have now done with multi-participant live video streaming. Google are an innovation company, but I agree they need to do something radical. I really hope they do.
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Peter Lunn

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Big Electrical Storm in Bournemouth now...
I don't think I've ever seen so much lightning and rain in the space of 15 minutes. The road outside our house is like a river yet we are miles from any river. Photo taken on my Nexus 7 as I couldn't find a tripod for my camera.
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Good tactics +Peter Lunn and great result - yes, that delay is something else! 
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Peter Lunn

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Could Rich Answers change Google Search as we know it?
You have probably spotted them popping up increasingly in your search results and it seems likely that we will be seeing Rich Answers occurring more and more. Google's mission is to make sure we get the most relevant answers to the questions we ask in search. They've been the best at doing it for many years now and with semantic search they're better than ever. With Rich Answers, it means we will be getting to the answer quicker than ever too...

But how do they work? How can you get your site's answers to appear in search? And how might they impact upon the traffic coming to your site when visitors don't even need to come to your site to get the answer? (NB. There's some interesting results to this last question).

Thanks to +Eric Enge and +Stone Temple Consulting for this very rich article into Rich Answers.
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+Luxury Alliance what are you saying is not true? Please explain more.
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Peter Lunn

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Google My Business gets a makeover
When Google My Business launched in June 2014 as the rebrand of Google Local/Places (and all the other names Google had for it), it came as a breath of fresh air. A new dawn that in Google's own words at the time aimed to "help your business shine"

Whilst their intention was good, it was still very difficult to make sense of managing GMB pages, but as of yesterday they have performed quite a makeover on the Google My Business portal. It looks smarter and cleaner, but more importantly, it's much better organised and easier to manage if you are looking after multiple pages.

Time will tell of course tell and on the public side of GMB pages as I think Google have a great deal of work to do to restore confidence for businesses that it is worth having and maintaining pages to market themselves. They are worth having I am sure, but the problem is, that's not clear to business owners. Why should they invest time in something they do not understand or have even lost trust in?

Maybe this portal makeover will herald also herald a public makeover? I hope so.
Google streamlines the Google My Business dashboard making it easier for businesses to get the answers they need.
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Peter Lunn

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Why knowledge needs wisdom...
Enough said... I love this quote. Thanks to +Shelley Hitz 
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Hi peter
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Peter Lunn

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Goodbye Google, Hello Alphabet!
I can't quite believe I've read this and I'm still not sure what it all means in practice. If it was April 1st today we would all be saying, "Yeh, right!"... But it's true...
As Sergey and I wrote in the original founders letter 11 years ago, “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” As part of that, we also said that you could expect us to make “smaller bets in areas that might seem very speculative or even strange when compared to our ...
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Peter Lunn

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I've decided to take 20 years off my life... I feel so much better!
After suffering numerous illegal operations and faced resuscitation from many blue screens of death, I've decided enough is enough. Who needs Windows 10? Mobile computing is so yesterday. I'm going back to the good old days!

Image courtesy of Douglas Muth:
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That's interesting +Phil Aston​ and is that "user" now thinking of turning back from the "dark side"? :)
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