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Is it flying ant day today in the UK?
We always seem to have one day in the UK summer when flying ants swarm and conditions today seem perfect. Warm, sunny and a little humid.

Is it my perception that we only have one day per year this happens? If so, why is that? Is it only in the UK we see them or do you have them in your part of the world too?

I took these photos in my garden about 30 mins ago. The first photo of this pair seems to have given a whole new definition to Hangouts on Air!

#flyingantday  #flyingantwatch #hangoutsonair  
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Well, we're clear in our kitchen so far. Flying ants crawling out of the gas rings sounds bizarre. Obviously, they don't have a health & safety officer among their ranks!
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Peter Lunn

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How being a better creator means being a better consumer
Have you tried driving your car when the fuel tank is empty? Of course, it doesn't work or at  best you may be able to drive a few hundred metres before your car finally conks out!

But what about you as a creator? How topped up is your tank or are you running on empty most of the time?

Leaving aside our normal needs of a good night's sleep and fuel for our body, it can be difficult to keep creating and it's near on impossible to keep creating effectively if you are not also regularly filling up your creative tank.

In this very thought provoking piece, Mikael Cho encourages us to be thoughtful consumers. We should be people who take time to more fully engage with the creative content of others (be that music, film, books, blogs etc) and soak in that special something more that is locked away and undiscovered if we just skim content.  By pressing pause and consuming more thoughtfully, we feed the creative self in us which is then better connected and equipped to do the same for others.

h/t to +David Amerland for sharing this article earlier on Twitter.
But it’s how you consume that’s vital to creative inspiration
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+Peter Lunn you're very welcome and it's very true and much appreciated. You are a model plusser!
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Peter Lunn

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20 ways to help you love LinkedIn more...
With 300+ million users, LinkedIn has the potential to be a big hitter for us in in social networking, especially in the B2B world. But with its roots in connecting employers with employees, it's perhaps a network we can easily miss out on seeing the opportunities it can open for cultivating connections.

+Mike Allton is much respected on Google+ for his knowledge and expertise on social networking. Mike practices what he teaches. His mantra is that to make social networking work, we need to learn how to find and engage with the people and brands that belong to our audience.

Here Mike gives us 20 top recommendations to help us build the perfect LinkedIn profile. Thanks Mike for your hard work in putting this altogether.
The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Is it possible to use your LinkedIn profile to grow your business? Absolutely! The problem is, the network is focused on helping you to get hired. So if you're already hired - you're running your own business and you want to connect with clients and grow your business, your approach to LinkedIn needs to be a little different.

This is my guide to how you can configure your LinkedIn profile to perfectly support you and your business. It's geared toward freelancers and small-to-medium business owners. If you are in fact looking for a job, many of these tips will still be of value to you.

Included are:

01. Research Keywords for LinkedIn
02. Use a Current, Professional Profile Image
03. Consider Premium, and Then Add a Cover Photo
04. What's Your Name, and What Do You Do?
05. Offer Complete Contact Information
06. Grab a Custom URL
07. Make Sure Your Profile Is Visible
08. Consider a Profile Badge
09. Support Additional Languages
10. Update Your Connections
11. Update Your Background
12. Add Media / Links
13. Review Skills & Endorsements
14. Move Sections Around
15. Add / Update Projects
16. Add / Update Publications
17. Ask for Recommendations and Give Recommendations
18. Regularly Publish Posts
19. Review Group Memberships
20. Daily LinkedIn Activity

The infograph below details all of these for you, and of course the article goes into extensive detail on each item, complete with screenshots and links to references.

Learn more: 

Do you use LinkedIn to promote your own business and get clients? If so, what other tips might you add, or what questions do you have?

#LinkedIn   #SocialMedia  #Business #SmallBiz
#SocialMediaMarketing   #LinkedInTips   #infograph  
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+Donna Beckett you are so right there. I've never felt comfortable asking for recommendations but as a result I hardly have any lol. I once gave one to an old boss without him asking and he said it brought tears to his eyes. It felt nice to do something good so I may also try to do this. 

I say 'may' and 'try' because my list of things I want to do is so long. I just get too excited by all there is to do! 
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A Compendium of HOAs and Google+ Gold
+Mick Sharpe faithfully puts together the best of the best posts and HOAs from Google+. It's remarkable how he does it and this latest compendium (I love that word) is right up there. Many people's vote for HOA of the week, nay even year, was for the Aston Family's (+Phil Aston +Sue Aston +Dan Aston and +Lee Aston's music extravaganza last Sunday.

Thanks for all you do Mick.
Virtually blogging

Well this must have been the weekend for marathon events. With the Second Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference on Google+ +Chef Dennis Littley took on the Herculean task of putting together 11 HOA sessions (12 if you include the opening cocktail party) covering a wide range of subjects of interest to bloggers and social media users alike. You can find a full listing of the events in this post ( I have to admit I came to this slightly late and still need to catch up on a few of the events. So on with the events I did catch.

If you’re looking to break into HOAs to build your brand then HOA Shows- Building Your Brands ( is where you shuold start. +Ryan Hanley, +Mia Voss and #MegaBeard +Jeff Sieh joined Chef to relay their tips and strategies for brand building. As you might expect from these very accomplished hosts this was a very watchable HOA, packed with information and interspersed with many humorous moments - Chef says stuff and Mia laughs. There’s a particularly important section starting at around the 20 minute mark dealing with whether you are the brand or you have a brand for the show. Probably the most important decision if you’re just starting out with HOAs.

In Google Plus For Business ( Chef invited +martin shervington to talk about the benefits of Google+ to your business from the connectivity, HOAs and collaborative working through Google Drive. This is a masterclass in effective use of Google in your business strategy. Those of us who are already totally invested in this platform need little encouragement but this is a must-see for those that are wondering whether Google+ will be worth the effort. Help spread the word now

Ryan was back again in Podcasts - Your Missing Market Share ( alongside +Jason T. Wiser to share some of their insights and experience of the medium. It really interests me to hear the backstory of how these very polished content creators got their start. The lesson is to dive in and have a go - you have to start somewhere. Also the commonality is to use HOAs to capture the original content as you benefit from the HOA engagement, the authenticity of the live environment and an extra piece of content to boot. The guys squeezed in a tremendous amount of great information, both technical and tactical. Great job everyone.

The Future of SEO ( was discussed in detail by +David Amerland and +Joshua Berg including the latest updates from Google. The message comes across loud and clear that the most future proof strategy is to build expertise, relationships and value and let the search engines follow you rather than chase the search engines and watch them move further away as the algorithm is updated. If you answer the questions of your audience, and answer them well, then this will also serve you well in search. +Eric Enge joined for the last five minutes but made an important connection between ranking and semantically rich content.

David was back again with +Ronnie Bincer for The State of Google Plus Hangouts ( As you would expect from the #HangoutHelper and the author of Google+ Hangouts for Business this is the most relevant and up to date information relating to HOAs. Lots of audience questions answered in this session too - essential viewing.

Chef Dennis put a little post envy aside when he invited +Rebekah Radice and +Dustin W. Stout to enthuse about Creating Engaging Posts ( You’ve got to acknowledge and admire the creativity of these two giants of G+. There are a lot of takeaways in this sessions that will help you create very targeted, purposeful posts that will really lift your engagement. A nice touch in this show was Dustin taking Ryan Hanley’s paper +1 to the next level with a very nice +1 overlay - see this post for more info (

I thoroughly applaud +Chef Dennis Littley and all the participants for this fantastic virtual conference. I’ll be catching up on those sessions that I missed as soon as I can. I would recommend to everyone to follow suit. Many thanks Chef Dennis.

And over to the Brits

Cornwall’s most famous musical family took centre stage in +Christine DeGraff’s The Aston Family: My Music Hangout ( in an event that dovetailed with #Gemba2014   #SchoolofRock . The talent of this family is immediately apparent and this is a totally engaging show. Join +Phil Aston, +Sue Aston, +Dan Aston and +Lee Aston for a special show that is worthy of many repeat viewings. Great job guys.

+James Dearsley promised us only the best guests and the most up to date digital marketing news for his The Midweek Marketing Mix ( and he lives up to that promise with +Mike Allton, +Mark Traphagen, +Krishna De, +Eric Enge and special guest +Grant Leboff. The topics for the show included shoppable hangouts, Google IO, Google Authorship changes, increasing mobile usage, G+ page management on iOS, donuts on Vine! and wraps up with a very interesting final segment from Grant - great affirmation of the customer-centric world we find ourselves in today. Watch out for the marvellous image from +Ray Hiltz (Mark in Mad Men guise!). This fortnightly show is destined to become a staple.

Moving your business forward

+Marilyn Moore talks about the difficulties of marketing your small business in The Accidental Content Marketer 7 Steps to Get Your Content Marketing Rolling ( I’ve known Marilyn for only a relatively short time but have come to really appreciate her succinct advice from the coalface. There’s nothing like living and breathing it to give you the most valuable insights and this post really delivers. Take a look now, get over your trepidation and dip your toes in the content marketing ocean. Thanks Marilyn

Thinkers corner

A marvellous piece from +Gina Fiedel Social Presence: What’s real and what’s not? And Why Are You Here? ( gets us looking at the reasons why we come to Google Plus and the profound connections and relationships that can develop with people at great distances. I can attest that I sort of wandered back here just out of curiosity, after my early exploration was uneventful, and became totally hooked. Like many others I became totally invested here. Like any good post this one has spawned a healthy comment stream. Have a read and let us know your thoughts.

And finally…

+Amy Harrison released the follow up to Seeking Shervington - AmyTV #24: Building A Community with Content ( Amy has mastered the art of using humour effectively in marketing. The finished product is flawless and amusing. Watch and enjoy.

Have a great weekend wherever you are

#WeeklyRoundUp   #WeekInReview   #Google +

#BitingedgeFridayFavourites   #MicksPicks
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Indeed we did +Peter Lunn  ;-)
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Why there are not really any shortcuts to writing better blog posts
There's been plenty of talk in recent weeks that we're in Content Shock. Overwhelmed by articles and posts and blogs, it's difficult to give attention to what really matters content-wise and what is really only an also-ran.

+Richard Hussey makes 12 great points here for better blog writing with the overriding message that your blog only has value to your business when it has value for your customers. And don't miss the peach analogy - it's very helpful.
Writing Better Blogs
Do you wish more people read your blog articles? Here are a few questions and tips that might help keep your audience awake and engaged.

#contentmarketing   #blogging   #copywriting  
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I think you have covered it very well +Richard Hussey. Lots to think about and act on.
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OK Google, what's on my TV?
Google Search is getting smarter... and even after you just read that it's changing so fast that Google Search is probably even a little smarter than it was just now.

The latest update to the Google Search app on Android include its ability to "listen" to your TV and tell you not just what programme you are watching, but also what they are talking about.

Whilst watching BBC Breakfast News this morning at 07:36, I said, "OK Google, what's on my TV?" The app responded immediately showing it was listening and within 5 seconds returned the search result you can see in the screenshot from my Nexus 7 attached.

The app told me I was watching BBC Breakfast - OK, I had worked that one out - but with its "listening", Google Search also knew that at that time the sports news was being shown. They were reporting the shock exit at Wimbledon yesterday of the number 2 seed, the very well known Spaniard, Rafael Nadal at the hands of the very unknown and unseeded Australian, Nick Kyrgios.

Google Search was listening very well. It provided me with two Google Now cards on Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios, so even if I already knew what I wanted to know about Nadal, maybe I was interested in knowing a lot more about the unknown Nick Kyrgios. By then clicking the "read more" link it shows me more about Kyrgios via a Knowledge Graph card, with photos and further information about him.

That's impressive and it's not just limited to what may be thought of as the main stream TV channels.  To test it, I then tuned into the True Entertainment channel and asked "What's on my TV?" It showed me I was now watching an old episode of "The Little House on the Prairie" and even told me what episode it was along with photo links to the cast.

As I said, Google Search is getting smarter all the time. What we are seeing is another example of the speed Google's semantic search is developing and its capability to not only interpret your question but also provide you with the immediate option to drill deeper into related information.

To handle this latest development, Google is using incredible computing power. Not only does it have to accurately listen and process what it hears it then, in seconds  is able to query its indexes and deliver a result back to my device.

That's the simple answer anyway. To do this is a whole lot harder to a level where I have no clue really how it does it. But it is remarkable. Perhaps Google Semantic Search expert and author +David Amerland may be able to answer that..?

#googlesearch   #semanticsearch   #android  
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+Peter Lunn the marvel of intelligent search :) 
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Peter Lunn

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Google+ culture teaches us to do networking right
Culture shapes societies and societies shape our world. The world's cultures are rich and diverse, yet culture can also create barriers that keep our world divided, even within our own societies.

But what if you could find a way to reshape societies and change the shape of our world? What if you could begin to break down barriers of age, distance and status and begin to grow a culture of acceptance and appreciation?

Social networks have the power to do that, but the culture of each network, through the way they are structured and the environment they create, have a bearing on their effectiveness to bridge gaps.

The structure and environment of Google+ teaches us to do networking right. It breaks down barriers and bridges gaps. It brings us together. It introduces us, often serendipitously, to new friends. It changes our perceptions.

Thanks to +David Amerland for these excellent thoughts of 5 great things Google+ has made everyday. Let's not take them for granted.
How Google+ Has Changed Our Perceptions

In just three short years G+ has had a real impact on our world. To quantify it we really need to look at the details because they are the ones that change our assumptions about how the world works: 

1. We used to think that anyone not of our generation was either out of date (too old) or not yet synched-in (to young). We have now learnt that what really matters is how good is a person's understanding and knowledge and what value they can bring to our connected world. 

2. Compartmentalization is over. We no longer have to limit ourselves to connecting with people who are in our time zone or country or just speak our language. While other digital channels, in the past, did part of this, none has done it so comprehensively and with so many different tools (chat, video, communities, private and public channels) all in one place. 

3. No one is really out of reach. As long as someone is in G+ we can reach out to them same as we reach out to friends we've known all our lives. 

4. With English being spoken across countries and nationalities the inherent biased assessment based on accent is now defunct, replaced by the value of what they have to say. 

5. Virtual friends used to be thought of a not being real. Yet, within G+ we managed to create a culture where the exchange of values, ideas and thoughts has created friendships that have stood the test of real-time meetings between virtual strangers and proved that the connection is very real. 

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+Sue Aston totally. It's a game changer in many ways. 
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Peter Lunn

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Understanding more about the Evolution of Search
Since the mid 90s the word "search" has increasingly become synonymous with finding things on the Internet and the word "Google" has become the verb of "search".

During the last 20 years, search has evolved. Whilst that's been quite a technical thing for those involved in SEO, it's also something if you are in business and wanting to market your businesses better, you should know something about. History is a great teacher of how we have come to be where we are now and the evolution of Google Search is part of our history.

This +Moz Whiteboard Friday video from +Danny Sullivan, one of the great minds of search, gives some interesting insights in where search has come from and importantly where it is heading... and how therefore that might affect the search world and marketing in it tomorrow.
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Thanks +Zara Altair, me too. Search has come a long way.
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Peter Lunn

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Google add an exciting new option for Hangouts
With Google+ Hangouts and especially Hangouts on Air storming social networking, Google have moved to keep Hangout development at the forefront. They have now added a new option to the Hangout family: Hangout Of A Tree ...

Hangout Of A Tree from now on to be known by the acronym HOATs is a new low-tech but high on engagement option for Hangouts. They don't need an HD camera or a fancy microphone, just a sturdy ladder and some balls. Having sufficient bandwidth though could be an issue...

HOATs will be coming soon to a tree near you :o)

Does anyone want to join me? ;o)

Pinging +Kath Dawson, +Phil Aston, +Ammon Johns, +Ronnie Bincer, +David Amerland 

h/t to +Beckett and Co Solicitors for sharing this in a more normal context :) and to +Veritas Consulting Safety Services Ltd for the original find.

#hangouts   #googlehangout   #hangoutsonair  
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+Peter Lunn you are so cleverly complicating the picture. :) This has become a truly mature market now. #amazingprogress  
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How Many Grumpy Cats Does It Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?
What is it makes the content you post on any social media channel worthwhile? How do you measure success? Can success be counted in grumpy cats? 

It's true that #caturday  pictures gain attention as do memes etc, but we need to be careful we don't obsess about how many +1s a post receives or how many Likes a page has on Facebook. They can give you short term gains and work wonders with massaging your analytics, but what counts from a business perspective is where will those people be tomorrow.

+Randy Milanovic has a great understanding of what makes social work beyond the Likes and he's built a successful business doing it. He's well worth circling and this blog post is well worth diving into...
Taking a position against viral content was like wearing a raincoat to fend off a tsunami. I never stood a chance.

Because watching things like page views and share counts climb can be incredibly addictive, even for me, I've come to realize that some people are going to want to create second-tier lighter content after all. And so, I’ve set my mind to devising a handful of tips business marketers can use to take advantage of the content you do create.

Don't get me wrong: I would still rather see you craft an insightful blog post or substantive download than invest your time in goats, cats, famous quotes and one-liners. But, if you are drawn to the dark side anyway, you may as well make the most of it.

1. Use viral pieces sparingly.

This actually doesn't have to do with my version of lighter content. It has everything to do with your effectiveness as a marketer.

2. Know your audience.

Comedians don't tell the same jokes to different audiences in different cities, and you shouldn't either. Like any piece of marketing, your viral content should resonate with your followers.

3. Link back to your more substantiative content.

If you don't include any link at all, your chances of attracting viewers past a "plus" slip from slim to none.

4. An unexpected benefit.

This one is worth the visit to my full post. Learn which post attracted 16,899 links (and climbing) from 64 domains to my blog.

#grumpycat #socialROI #betterbusinesswebsite #contentmarketingstrategy   #contentmarketingtips  

Thanks for coaching me (through your posts) to reconsider my position +Mark Traphagen, +Mike Allton, +Rick Clark, +Heidi Bouman, +Katherine Tattersfield, +Mark Vang+David Amerland, +Christine DeGraff and many more friends here on the plus.
Taking a position against viral content was like wearing a raincoat to fend off a tsunami. I never stood a chance.
Randy Milanovic's profile photo
Thank you for sharing this post +Peter Lunn. It's amazing how a discussion on the avoidance of lighter content sparked 16,000+ links from more than 60 domains. Now, I get it. 
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Peter Lunn

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Hello Operator, I would like to speak to Matilda please...
I doubt there are many, if any, reading this who will remember the days when you could phone up the telephone operator and ask to be connected to someone by name. The lady operator at the other end (sorry I know it's not PC but it was mostly was in those days) would find Matilda's socket and connect the wire between your socket and hers just like the following link:

Those days eventually passed  though and were overtaken by the needs of technology and we changed from being a person with a name to a person addressed by a number.

That was until these days of semantic search where names are replacing numbers and we can be known by our first name again...

I'm just going off now to "phone Matilda"

h/t to +David Amerland for telling this story of how history has turned full circle.
I am not a number, I am a free man

The reference,  ( for those who know is from The Prisoner ( A counterculture film from the 60s (originally) whose 2009 remake brought fresh attention to it. Now, numbers are important. They’re important because they are an abstraction that symbolises an underlying reality, just like the telephone numbers do. 

Think about it for a moment, telephone numbers used to represent a place which you rang in the hope to speak to a person who was located there. This was not always the case. The introduction of the telephone and a manual exchange would, allow the connection of two subscribers, by name, where one caller, would ask the operator of the exchange to connect them to a person who symbolised a location. This was an approach that clearly could not scale. 

Early on the Bell Telephone company understood that it would have to code names and places with numbers and thus, at the turn of the 20th century the telephone numbering system was born. At first, customers resented the impersonality of telephone numbers, and engineers doubted whether people could remember a number of more than four or five digits. The Bell Company finally had to insist.

The moment numbers came into the equation the task of connecting one subscriber (to the telephone exchange) to another became a mathematical challenge that required: some way to turn a manual input of numbers (whether dialled or push-button punched) into electrical impulses that could then be accurately decoded at the exchange which, in turn, would activate the line represented by the dialled number and automatically complete the connection. 

Altogether this made for an unprecedented degree of complexity in the translations between human and machine, number and circuitry. The point was not lost on the Bell telephone company, which liked to promote its automatic switches as “electrical brains.”

While we may smile at the “electrical brains” reference, we have now come full circle. The Android 4.4 KitKat ( allows you to make calls based on names rather than numbers. For this to happen again we have put in place two distinct innovations: first we have increased connectivity making telephone devices so portable (and ubiquitous) that they are now attached to a person. When a person has a telephone there is no longer the need to have a number, particularly when that person is known to you and is in your contacts. 

But that is not enough. In order to truly free a person from the impersonality of a number you need to also have semantic search that is capable of connecting all the dots and actually understanding that the coded number an automatic, digital exchange now rings, is actually that of the person you are calling so that by using a person’s name a call can be made. 

The Bell engineers, of course, had it right. We cannot remember long numbers. We can barely remember our own telephone number let alone those of all our friends and contacts. To overcome this we require an additional layer of memory that allows us to store the names of our contacts and their contact details, including their telephone numbers, on our devices

It’s taken over 100 years and a quantum leap in computational capability to get to the simplicity of simply connecting with people by name. The suggestion has already been made that as semantic technologies increasingly map entities the telephone numbers might finally be put to rest. We will, again, be people, rather than numbers. Our contact details embedded in our names rather than extra layers of abstraction that represent part of us. And semantic search is helping all of this happen. 

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Great article. I remember those days, but I'm a little older than the baby boomers. 
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Love being involved in digital marketing ... video, photo, web, search engine optimisation and social media... Cracking Media. Life-long fan of AFC Bournemouth

Cracking Media work with SMEs, corporates, charitable and public sector organisations, helping them to promote their products and services through engaging digital media.

You had better get Cracking!


When I am not involved in most things digital and web-related, my favourite pastime is watching my local football team AFC Bournemouth with my son. I've been watching them since my Dad first took me to a match when I was 8 years old. There's plenty of ups and downs as a fan of the Cherries, but I wouldn't support any other team.
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Responsible for developing the match action graphics in teletext mode for the original 'Football Manager' game on the BBC Micro
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Web Psychology - Whiteboard Friday

Behind nearly all of our marketing efforts is a hope that our customers will react and behave in a certain way. In that sense, psychology is

6 Major Google Changes Reveal the Future of SEO

PageRank and keyword obsession is fading away. Google is now pushing you to focus on understanding your target users, producing great conten

Verity Grandfather Clock £359

Verity Grandfather Clock £359. Verity Floor Clock. "Time to be Stylish". Verity Grandfather Clock £359. A rather unique standing clock from