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I think you can use mskutil to get the keytab without needing samba.

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This is pretty slick...a SDR for $20!

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Amazing photo!

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Managed to catch a good shot of the glorious sunrise this morning.

Anybody heard anything further on the Google smart LED bulb?

Garrrrrrrrrh! I'm lucky to have this amazing view from my office and I don't have a camera capable of capturing the awesome views...especially the EPIC sunset going on right now.

I need some new gear!

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Ok, radio types. Which cheap signal analyzer would you buy? I'm principally interested in sub-GHz work. The TI SA430 or the RF Explorer? The RF Explorer is cheaper, even if you get the piggyback module to enable 2.4GHz, and it is usable without a computer. It also has a MacOS client while the TI product appears to be Windows only, although the source is open.


Are there any FIRST LEGO teams in the Seattle Eastside area? Not having much luck tracking one down. Need to put the kids to work doing something productive...

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Oh, this track is going to be a blast to drive!

First Laps at The Ridge Motorsports Park November 6 2011.wmv
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