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Deep Water

We're looking forward to some deep water but first I've got to get our boat trailer fixed. Okanagan Lake is 110 km long, 3-4 km wide, and the maximum depth is 242m (794 feet). The lake sits between the ancient rock of the Old North American landmass and 'new' land that has drifted into the BC coast. Hawaii should hit BC in about 150 million years.

Here's one of my favorite steel guitar player's latest video. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Doug Beaumier.
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Will be. I'm hoping to get rich with the first ever up close photos of our legendary lake serpent. He (or she) is supposed to live in underwater caves near Rattlesnake Island, just across the lake from where we live. Apparently the local natives just didn't go there but fools rush in.
I'd never heard of Tahoe Tessie, Meg, but both are a lot like the Loch Ness Monster, of course. More a reflection of a primal human fear, I think.

One night, years ago, it was a huge full moon and my boys and I were out on the lake in a canoe--paddling right up the beam of reflected moonlight toward the moon and with perfectly still water. Several hundred metres offshore. My older son (about 10 at the time) pipes up, "I hope we don't get eaten by Ogopogo." Long pause and then younger son (age 7) quietly asks, "Uh, dad, can we go back to the shore now?"
My granddaughter isn't the slightest worried about Tahoe Tessie but refuses to accept that there are no sharks in Lake Tahoe.
Of course, you need to remember the big plug stuck in the bottom of Tahoe, +Margaret McEvoy . They say if you pull it, it will flood the Silver Queen Mine in Virginia City.
I went swimming in Turtle Lake in the middle of the night because that's when it was said the Turtle Lake monster was most likely to appear (read: when visitors to the lake were most likely to be drunk.) No luck.
What music, Judy? We seem to have digressed...
It's up there somewhere, Peter, but in deep water.
I always say that if you're going to be 'off-topic', be glorious about it.
Of course, Peter. And, I'd like to hear more of Fred's story about the big plug in the bottom of Lake Tahoe. My dad used to tell stories. He would have loved that one.
+Judy Williams - I found the story in the book "Tales of Tahoe" by David J. Stollery, Jr., who wrote it, and others, for the Tahoe City World and North Tahoe World newspapers between 1963 and 1975. The plug story is too long to retype here, but the book probably is still available in the Tahoe area.
Thanks, Fred. Maybe it can be found online. I'll have fun looking. (I tried the +name trick, to get it to turn blue, and so far I'm still unsuccessful at this. Sorry.)
Put me down as another vote for the music post, Peter.
Spent 3-4 days around Loch Ness trying to photograph monsters. I left it when I reached the conclusion that people can consume enough Scotch to see monsters but cameras can't (or something like that).
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Judy, if you're butting up against text to the right, it won't work. Just try typing +Margaret McEvoy

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+Peter Lindelauf - Now I can do it..... I just realized that one must hit "return" after typing the name. Oh, happy day.....
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