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Founder Reinventors Network / Tech & Future Trends Expert / Serial Innovator & Entrepreneur / Author & Public Speaker
Founder Reinventors Network / Tech & Future Trends Expert / Serial Innovator & Entrepreneur / Author & Public Speaker


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It doesn't get any better than this. +Bill McKibben  and Carl Pope will be at  +Reinventors Network  this Thurs. 11 am PST for their take on the Paris Deal and why the climate movement needs to do next. Check it out and add your questions. 

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Always love great infographics.

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Wise insight, as always, from +David Brin 
Okay, so blue Maryland (with a red governor) seems poised to finally end gerrymandering.  Once a cheat performed equally by both parties’ political castes, the practice is being dumped by ever-more voters in democratic-leaning states.  Republicans are rubbing their hands in glee because not one red state has even come close to following suit.  But the glee is shortsighted.  Yearly, the foul practice is becoming more and more a republican crime, lined up along with other blatant cheats like rigged voting machines. (Paper ballot-receipts make mass-rigging impossible in most blue states.)  And voter suppression and so many other short term fixes that will bite the GOP, over the long run.

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This is a terrific group to think big picture about a new grand strategy of American foreign policy. Do join us tomorrow, Tues, 11am Pacific at the link below....

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I love these long-term charts. You can explain a lot about this. Including the experience of the Boomers growing up, and now the Millennials. A white world compared to a colored one. 
The Greatness of America

While European and Asian countries face demographic collapse caused by declining births and a rapidly aging population, America will ride its (relatively) liberal #Immigration Policy into a bright Future. #Diversity  and #Tolerance  will prevail, while the #Racist #Ignoramuses like Trump and the rest of the Doo-Doo Platter will be relegated to the kitty litter box of #History.

Appealing to the #Racist  White vote is for #Loosahs  as Trump is gonna find out pretty dang quick.

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With time, Obama will be seen as as big a deal, if not much greater, than Reagan. He's tracking well with 18 more months to go. 

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Terrific find. Both the article and the original source from Citigroup. It's just so heartening to see how quickly the carbon economy is buckling now. Get on the right side of history.....
One of the major talking points of opponents of sustainable energy is that if you include fixed manufacturing costs, solar and wind are not competitive with fossil fuels.  These opponents used this rhetoric to stymie investments in sustainables R&D during the first decade of this century.  But rates of efficiency have been skyrocketing and costs plummeting.  One of the big solar module manufacturers, Trina Solar, said costs had fallen 19 per cent in the past year, and would continue to fall by at least 5 per cent to 6 per cent a year in coming years as efficiencies were improved.”  This study shows that renewables turn out already  to be cheaper than fossil fuels.
Those who fought so hard to delay this day are proved to have been morons or worse, who harmed us all.

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Really worth reading this shrewd analysis of the coming collapse in oil company valuations - following in the footsteps of coal. Finally the endgame begins....

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She anchored a terrific roundtable for +Reinventors Network last year and here she impresses Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

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love this graphic. tells a lot. 
The Divergence between Wages and Worker Productivity

If a worker makes twice as many pies, shouldn't she be paid approximately twice as much?

Not according to republican capitalism. According to republican capitalism, workers should be paid as little as possible in order to maximize profits for CEOs and Shareholders. According to republican capitalism, The Minimum Wage is a violation of the Fundamental Right of Job Creators to pay workers as little as possible.

According to the principles of Democratic Capitalism, there should be a relationship between worker productivity and worker wages, otherwise there is something corrupt with the system. In other words, corporations have gotten so big and powerful that they effectively have monopolies (and monopsonies) so that they don't have to worry about competition and can pay workers as little as possible. 

"Ur not satisfied with your pay, then go work for our competitor heh heh heh."

When free markets fail, the Government has to step in and rectify the inefficiency and corruption.

Basically, the republican #Ignoramuses  and corporations have rigged the game in which the corporations make excessive profit which they give a healthy chunk to the Ignoramii who create rules/laws that make it harder to compete with the corporations thereby institutionalizing their monopolies, which leads to increased profit which ends up in the pockets of the Ignoramuses and around and around we go in a #VirtuousCycle  for the Corporations/Ignoramuses and a #ViciousCycle  for the law-abiding 99% of us.

According to republican capitalism, if a worker makes twice as many pies, she should be paid exactly the same amount while the capitalist gets to reap twice as much profit for having the entrepreneurial vision and courage to pay workers as little as possible.

Does anyone dispute these #FACTS ?
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